Zoli New Dedicated Ladies’ Clay Gun – The Z-Bella


Italian gunmaker Zoli has spent two years developing a new ladies’ shotgunclay gun, the highly-anticipated Z-Bella. Specially designed to meet the requirements of the female form, the gun is embellished with eye-catching Swarovski crystals. to embellish the look of the gun and give it that extra bit of sparkle.

All stock dimensions have been specially adapted to cater specifically to the structural needs of ladies, including the pistol grip, drop, length of pull, pitch and cast, with each stock equipped with an adjustable comb, for the finer finesse.

Available in 12 bore, the Z-Bella comes with a choice of three barrel lengths and, five interchangeable flush fitting or ¾ inch extended chokes. Upon request, the customer can choose between a parallel or tapered top rib, in the 28 or 29.5 inch versions.

The Z-Bella is offered with either a silver or black action, with the frame showing an elegant deep scroll engraving, upon which the Swarovski crystals are embellished.

The shotgun comes equipped with BHB (Between Hands Balancer) in the pistol grip, a dynamic corrector used to customise and tune the balance and swing dynamics of the shotgun, for ultimate control and balance in the hands of the shooter. Around the BHB stock, Swarovski crystals are positioned in a circle around the Z emblem, a sign used to distinguish the prestigious Zoli Z-gun range.

Paolo Zoli, president of Zoli commented: “The new Z-Bella benefits from all the experience gained over the past 400 years by Zoli in the production of guns devoted to competitive clay target disciplines, this is a real guarantee in terms of performance and durability. It has acquired a pleasant feminine taste durability. The Z-Bella is attractively presented, without sacrificing the technical nature of a product, dedicated to competitions. Zoli has invested 24 months to create this dedicated line and feel very proud of the achieved result. It has been a major challenge and a new goal achieved.”

RRP: £6,862.85

For more information, visit www.shootingsports.edgarbrothers.com

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