Zeiss introduced at this year’s IWA trade show, its latest addition to the Victory V8 line of premium riflescopes: the 1.1-8×30 variable magnification driven hunt specialist riflescope.

Featuring the same, award winning 8x zoom factor of its previous models in the V8 line, the 1.1-8×30 is seen as the most versatile driven hunt riflescope in the entire ZEISS product line.

The 1.1x magnification is ideal for target acquisition with both eyes open; the 8x magnification, on open terrain, not only reveals unheard of possibilities on a driven hunt, it also supports fast and reliable targeting at 8x magnification, offering the same magnification as a pair of classical hunting binoculars. 

The objective field of view is unusually large, 39.6 m at 1.1x. The Eye relief is a very good 95 mm.

Reticle choices are pattern No. 54 and 60, on 2nd image plane.

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