The Autoloading Shotgun Designed For Speed

Built 4 Speed

Winchester has been a gunmaking pioneer delivering groundbreaking products for 151 years. Our 1866, 1873, 1886, 1894, and M70 models, and the more recent XPR and SX3 have all left their mark on history.

This year, Winchester is setting the bar even higher with the launch of the autoloading shotgun that promises to be even more effective than the SX3 – which is already officially recognised as the fastest in the world. The engineers at Winchester repeating Arms have invested a lot of time in research and field testing to develop a shotgun that pushes the limits of physical possibility. That shotgun is the Super X4!

Winchester SX4

The SX4: Outstandingly Ergonomic

The SX4 does more than build on the SX3. It revolutionises the SX3. We have developed a number of outstanding performance features on the three versions of the SX4 that outclass any of its rival’s guns.

The first area to be extensively worked on was its ergonomics. The SX4 is 100 grams lighter than the SX3, making it easier to handle and smoother swinging. And there’s no reason to be wary of the recoil on the 12-guage! The new Inflex Foot Print 2 recoil pad is wider than on the SX3 to cushion the extra kick resulting from the gun’s lower weight.

Another major advance is the finer pistol stock that features totally redesigned chequering. The SX4 also comes with two inserts for adjusting the length of the stock. The balance has been shifted slightly forwards for better swing and faster target acquisition.Winchester knows that gloves can sometimes prevent you getting hold of the reloading handle properly, which is why we have made the SX4 handle bigger. The release button has also been treated to the same new design touch for even greater convenience.

Last but not least, the Composite, Field and Camo Mobuc versions of the Super X4 have all been meticulously styled to give them an unmistakably modern look. Who says that an autoloading shotgun can’t be classy?

The SX4: fast and Effective

The Super X4 is built on Winchester technology that has been tried and tested through years of experience to guarantee high performance. The Active Valve Gas System is the best on the market. This smart system self-adjusts to use just as much gas as is needed to reload. So if you’re firing heavy loads, the SX4 only recycles some of the combustion gas and vents the rest away from the action. This process uses Quadra-Vent™ technology on the 3.5′ chambered composite version. Quadra-Vent™ is not used on the other versions, which are chambered in 3′, since they have less gas to vent. This gas-venting technology makes the SX4 one of the most reliable and versatile autoloading shotguns available. In a word, genius!

The Super X4 is also enhanced by a range of components that have proven their worth on Winchester guns over the years, such as Back Bored technology, chrome-plated chamber and barrel bore, and three Invector Plus chokes to ensure tight and accurate patterning with every type of cartridge.

The Super X4 also comes fitted with a Truglo® extra-bright red fibre-optic sight to help you acquire your target in record time. Another unique feature that will make the SX4 your favourite autoloading shotgun is its drop-down trigger assembly, designed for easier cleaning and lubrication – because we know that a good gun isn’t just defined by the way it shoots.

The SX4: Rival-Beating Price

We want Winchester quality to be enjoyed by as many shooters as possible, which is why we’re bringing out the Super X4 at a jaw-dropping price. The composite version is available at an RRP of 799 €, while the Field and Camo versions will cost you 839 € and 899 € respectively.

Technical Data

  • 12M. Chambered in 3.5′ (composite version) and 3′ (other versions).
  • Back Bored technology (26, 28, 30 in).
  • 3 Invector Plis chokes.
  • Chrome-plated chamber and bore.
  • Truglo fibre-optic sight.
  • Active Valve System.
  • Quadra-Vent.
  • Ambidextrous safety.
  • Stock adjustment inserts.
  • Inflex recoil pad.
  • Prices start at 799 € (£719)

Raniero Testa’s Take …

Winchester SX4

Raniero Testa is a 39 year old Italian shooter sponsored by Winchester. Raniero became a living legent by setting more than six world records! One of those records was set using the semi-automatic Winchester SX3 rifle. Raniero also accomplished the feat of hitting 12 clay targets he had himself thrown up in the air, by hand no less.

Raniero, what is your first impression of the SX4?

I think that Winchester has once again done an excellent job. The gun is perfectly balanced. You can shoulder it really fast. The pistol butt is slimmer, allowing for an improved grip. The SX4 is also lighter. The new butt plate completely absorbs the recoil, you hardly even feel it. I would say that the gun’s ergonomics are now up to 30% better.

Can we safely assume that the SX4 is one of the best semi-automatic rifles available today?

Certainly! The SX3 was already a great gun, but with the SX4 Winchester has made an enormous leap forward.

Will you have a go at your own record of 12 clay targets any time soon?

Yes, I will try this coming year. With the SX4! I will let you know when the date is set …


Winchester SX4

The Winchester SX4 will be receiving its UK launch on the Browning international stand at The British Shooting Show 2017. The Browining International stand can be found in Gunmaker’s Hall 2, Zone 9.