The Rise of the Empire


Webley & Scott have been absent from the full bore rifle making world for some time – in fact, it’s been 100 years – but they’re back and Highland Outdoors are very proud to announce the new Webley & Scott Empire centrefire rifle.

Produced using the latest industry technology, the Empire shares all the traditional qualities of those now prized rifles from a century ago. The rifle’s accuracy is provided by the Sub-MOA hammer forged twenty-two inch, high gloss blued finished barrel. The reliability is provided by the proven action, designed in short and long action. Speed to target – the traditional, heritage design means that you are already familiar with the rifle.


The barrel and action are both made by Howa and the fully adjustable trigger mechanism is the same as those fitted in the Howa rifles. The walnut stock is made by Minelli with the new extra oil finishing. As mentioned earlier, the Empire shares all the qualities of what we would call a “traditional” hunting rifle, but there are more and more hunters using rifles with synthetic stocks.

If a synthetic stock is something that’s high on your list of requirements then fear not; Highland Outdoors are stocking the Webley & Scott Empire black tactical Stock. Don’t be put off by the word “tactical”, there is no real difference between the two stock options apart from the materials.

The Empire was initially launched in two long action calibres, .270 Win and 30.06 Springfield, but it’s now available in a wide range of long and short action calibres.

  • 223 Rem, Action – short
  • 22.250 Rem, Action – short
  • 243 Win, Action – short
  • 25-06 Rem, Action – long
  • 270 Win, Action – long
  • 30-06 Springfield, Action – long
  • 300 Win Mag, Action – long
  • 308 Win, Action – long
  • 338 Win Mag, Action – long
  • 7 mm Rem Mag, Action – long
  • 7 mm-08 Rem, Action Short