Christmas is coming and Viking have a fantastic selection of accessories and gifts for your readers.

Christmas is coming and for the best in shooting presents Viking have put together a  selection of gifts for the shooting community to give this Christmas


3HGR – the rifle gun sling with a difference

It secures your rifle in the field and transforms into a harness to carry the weight across both shoulders. In rough terrain you can then turn it into a safety sling for your rifle so that you get more use of your shoulders and avoid the stumble and trips that damages your kit.
SRP £61.00

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Proshot cleaning products 
Proshot cleaning kits are the ultimate in cleaning kits. Containing everything needed for cleaning your airguns, rim fire or centrefire rifles and shotguns. The durability of the products is second to none and deliver a stunning clean
on all bore types. The Universal cleaning kit covers all the calbres or the specific calibre cleaning kits have all the right brushes and jags.


Pro Shot Universal cleaning kit
The Universal cleaning kit has all the cleaning gear you need. It will clean any sized firearm from .22 calibre to 12 Gauge. Packed in a durable box it will fit any range or kit bag.
PSS12/16KIT – SRP £50.00

Proshot .117 cleaning kit – perfect for air rifles
Ideal for small bore rifles and air rifles this kit is packed full of useful parts to clean your gun to perfection. It includes bore brush and spear tip jag and the BIO4X – ( it lubricates 4 times better than petroleum based products)
PS17KIT – SRP £60.00

Proshot .22 cleaning kit
For small bore rifles this kit has a full range of elements to maintain and clean your gun.  includes a .22 -.223 cal  jag, bore brush and mop. As well as all the other gun cleaner lubricant and cleaning accessories.
PSR22KIT – SRP £65.00

Proshot .30 Cleaning Kit
For larger bore rifles the Proshot .30 Cleaning kit is perfect for sorting out the fouling after a day on the range. With.30 brass cleaning jag, bore brush and mop. All the other gun cleaner lubricant and cleaning accessories are included
PSR30KIT – SRP £65.00

Streamlight – Band-it 

The ultra-compact COB-LED headlamp is perfect for dense white light or it also switches to green or red to maintain night vision. in low light led mode can last up to 13.5 hours on a single charge. pushing out a huge 180 lumins if needed. It’s USB rechargeable in as little as 2.5 hours

Band-it Pro includes headstrap & USB cord – black      SRP        £49.00


Osuma mounts
Osuma scope mounts are machined in Finland. Born out of the desire to reduce the “weakest” link between scope and rifle and ensure “zero” is kept. The 3 mounts the QD and blaser system are machined out of aluminium and only weigh in between 125 and 155 grams.Osuma QD ringmount picatinny 30mm Low                        £200.00
Osuma QD ringmount picatinny 30mm Medium                  £200.00
Osuma Blaser Scope Mount for 30mm Tube Low               £395.00



Marksman rangefinder
The Marksman 1000 rangefinder makes getting out to 1000 yards quick and easy. Its image is not only bright in low-light, but the high-contrast LCD display makes reading yardages easy in any environment. Lightweight, compact, and waterproof, the Marksman -1000 is there when you need to go the distance.Marksman rangefinder SSP £ 250

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