Step Into The Twilight Zone With ZEISS

ZEISS invites visitors to The British Shooting Show, Gunmaker’s Hall 2, Zone 8 to experience the brand new ZEISS Twilight Zone, enter the competition to win a pair of new VICTORY SF binoculars and discuss ZEISS optics with two of our Brand Ambassadors.

Zeiss Twilight Zone

ZEISS will be showcasing a wide variety of high performance sports optics, demonstrating how superior optical design and build quality can have a dramatic effect on your hunting success when out in the field. This year there will be a brand new addition to the stand in the form of the ZEISS “Twilight Zone”.

Located within an enclosed tunnel, the Twilight Zone has been designed to re-create the experience of being in either dawn or dusk conditions, to demonstrate how ZEISS products perform in this scenario.