TSP Knock Their Sox Off!

The Shooting Party (“TSP”) announced on Friday 29th June the introduction of their AirForceOne® SiliconeSoxtm Treated Rifle & Pistol Socks.

Silicone Sox

Many Shooters spend thousands of pounds on their rifles, pistols and optics-and then fail to properly transport and store them leading to scratches, dints and rust ‘pitting’. Whilst most shooters will have a decent quality gun slip for when they are out in the field, they fail to protect their guns when stored in gun cabinets, racks or when on the range.” said Charlie Shepherd, Sales Director, TSP.

silicone sox_1

Which is why we have introduced AirForceOne® SiliconeSoxtm Treated Rifle & Pistol Socks. They protect firearms during short/long-term storage or travel. Their thick, 100% polyester fabric protects against dirt and scratches and their Silicone treatment helps guard against rust. Silicone treated socks will not hold moisture.  At 53″ (135cm) in length they are ideal for extra- long scoped PCP air rifles and 34” barrelled shotguns-longer than most other brands. They are 4” (10cm) in depth (Unstretched) 7.5”19cm (Stretched) and are ‘Digital Mosstm green in colour, finished with a drawstring closure.

At 15″ (38.5cm) in length, 4” (10cm) in depth (Unstretched) 7.5”19cm (Stretched) the pistol variant is ideal for larger scoped PCP air pistols and CO2 replicas, again-longer than most other brands.

silicone sox_2

This is one accessory that Shooters who value their guns should not be without!.” Shepherd added.

AirForceOne® precision adult airguns and accessories are manufactured for the brand owner, TSP, and exclusively distributed to the UK Trade by them.


SRP-Rifle:        £ 14.99

SRP-Pistol:      £   7.99

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