Efficient and regular cleaning of a gun prevents the premature failing of component parts, prolongs the life of the gun and ensures its reliability, as well as keeping it looking and smelling good!

With this in mind the reputable, New Forest based, South Coast Gun Makers have brought a superior cleaning cloth to the hunting and target shooting market.  The cloth has been developed using police and military small and large calibre weapons to provide the highest standard of lint free cleaning cloth.  Supplied in 50m rolls with perforated 100mm x 65mm sheets, it provides a larger quantity of patches for your money and is ideal for shotguns and rifles.

The surface of the cloth contains fine apertures which maximises the ability to collect dirt and residue, this combined with the cloths high absorption capability ensures that dirt and residue are lifted and removed effectively from even the most demanding dirty surfaces without ‘scuffing’.

The Gun Cloth is virtually fibre-free and suitable for any cleaning of equipment where a meticulous lint-free finish is essential i.e. small or large barrel bores, night vision, sights and optical equipment.

For further information about the Gun Cloth or to see the superb ranges of shotguns, rifles, optics and services available from South Coast Gun Makers, visit their website www.southcoastgunmakers.co.uk  or phone +44 7875 707179