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At TEAGUE we believe in making it as easy as possible for every sportsman to benefit from our precision engineered chokes. Which is why, whatever your level of interest or accomplishment, you will find TEAGUE offers a complete range of aftermarket chokes to fit all major brands of shotgun. It’s also good to know, and as enthusiasts throughout the world will attest, TEAGUE aftermarket chokes are engineered in Britain with the same care and attention to detail as the thin walled chokes for which we are famous. All chokes are machined from high tensile stainless steel and are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

Consistent quality is assured

They are then inspected to exacting tolerances based on the synchronized precise bore size of the gun and the highest manufacturing standards ( ISO 9002 ). This process guarantees the quality for which TEAGUE Precision Chokes are known. TEAGUE Tapered Technology also means that the taper to the choke is the full length of the tube and this has proven advantages over lesser designs as the shot is smoothly constricted over a longer period. The benefits of this include less recoil, fewer deformed pellets, greater pattern consistency and better maintained shot velocity.

A variety of profiles

TEAGUE aftermarket chokes come in 5 standard configurations.


Our standard economy choke, great for all round use, fits flush with the muzzle.

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Extended chokes protrude 12mm from the muzzle, easy to change chokes by hand, adds length to short barrels.

Extended Chokes ›

Super Extended

Up to 25mm extension with very little extra weight but creates longer barrel length to help achieve a controlled swing.

Super Extended Chokes ›


Ported Extended chokes are designed to hold the wad back and produce slightly more even patterns with reduced recoil and muzzle flip.

Ported Chokes ›

Super Extended Ported

Does the same as the ported extended but also adds length to short barrels.

Super Extended Ported Chokes ›



£20.49inc vat

Trusted by the greatest gunmakers and sportsmen

It’s reassuring to know TEAGUE thin walled chokes are the choice of all the major bespoke gunmakers in Great Britain who offer the multi choke variation for their game and sporting guns. The winners of numerous shooting championships, including recent Olympic gold medallists, also rely on TEAGUE chokes to help them perform to the highest level – even under intense pressure.

The balance and look of the gun is unchanged

TEAGUE thin walled chokes add a minimal amount of weight to the muzzle of the gun and this can be easily compensated for if required. Externally, when a gun is fitted with TEAGUE thin walled chokes, the look and lines remain unchanged.

The Invisible Multi Choke

TEAGUE were the first company to introduce a thin walled choke system that easily adapts any fixed choke side by side or over and under shotgun barrel to a multi-choke system gun. We can even fit multi chokes to Damascus barreled guns. 

Every choke is matched to the gun’s bore size

To ensure each choke restriction provides the optimum match for the corresponding bore size, TEAGUE thin walled chokes are individually made and fitted by hand for each and every gun. This method alone results in the most perfect pattern possible.

Every gun is proof tested and hand finished

Every gun fitted with the TEAGUE thin wall choke system is proof tested to comply with regulations and provide complete peace of mind. Each gun is individually hand finished, the bores are lapped, the muzzles are polished and the individual choke tubes are laser marked to match the serial number of the gun.

We take pride in our prompt service and delivery

We understand that you don’t want to be without your gun for a long time. With this in mind, we offer a rapid turnaround on fitting our thin walled choke system. We can arrange collection from your premises on any weekday and our aim is to return the gun to you during the following week. For added reassurance, all carriage is provided by TNT who are the registered shippers for the gun trade association.



£156.00inc vat (including reproof excluding chokes & accessories)

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Barrel Improvement

Forcing cones – lengthened and polished

The forcing cone is the taper from the end of the chamber to the internal bore of the shotgun. On lengthening and polishing this area, less recoil will be experienced with slightly lessened muzzle flip. It can also result in an improved pattern quality.

This can be modified in 12 – 16 – 20 gauge shotguns.

If lengthened this process requires reproofing

Chamber resleeving

This process is designed for rusted and worn chambers both in 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns. Other gauges can also be modified – please enquire.

The process involves boring out the chambers accurately and fitting a stainless steel insert, which blends into the original forcing cone of the barrel. In normal circumstances, existing extractors will not need not be replaced unless worn.

On completion the shotgun will need to be proof tested, and the barrels under the forend will be engraved sleeved chambers.

Barrel porting

Designed to reduce muzzle flip, this innovative porting technique allows you to move on to the second target more quickly and smoothly – without creating any additional noise. The porting method results in a series of electro-chemically machined profiles which are both aesthetically pleasing and effective.

Bore and chamber polishing

This process removes pitting, rivelling or excessive fouling in the bore or chambers caused by a lack of maintenance and care. Benefits of this process can aid cartridge extraction from the chambers and improve the internal health status of the bores. The gun does not need to be reproof tested.


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Patterning and Regulation

Why patterning matters

At TEAGUE, we want to help you consistently achieve the very best pattern of shot at any given distance. To this end, the patterning process provides detailed information on which we can base our recommendations for adjustments or improvements to the gun. Assessing your gun’s performance in this way also helps take the guesswork out of choosing the optimum load, pellet and choke combination.

The Pattern of a Gun

Whilst the choke plays a key role in determining the pattern of shot thrown by a shotgun, there are several other factors to consider, including cartridge selection, the forcing cone and bore size. The only reliable way to determine how these factors affect a gun’s performance is by patterning the gun. The process involves shooting the gun with a specific make and load of cartridge at ‘pattern plates’ which are set at a specified distance. Different makes and loads of cartridge will produce a different pattern through the same gun and choke at the same distance. When completed, the process provides an accurate picture of how the gun performs at various distances, using different chokes and cartridges.

Gunsmithing and Repairs

Trust in our time-served specialists

You can be confident in the ability of TEAGUE’s time-served gunsmiths to undertake any adjustments, modifications or repairs your shotgun may require – all to the very highest standards. Whether your gun requires a complete restoration, major upgrade, routine service or repair, the team at TEAGUE apply the same care, skill and attention to detail that has earned them a reputation for providing an exceptional level of personal service together with an unrivalled ‘can-do’ approach. It is this rare combination which continues to attract customers who, although they may have differing requirements, all share the knowledge that they can safely entrust their gun to the specialists at TEAGUE.

Stock finishing

The natural figure of walnut gives every gunstock a unique appearance. Polishing and refinishing the wood to show the woods figure at its best, is a skillfull job and a service we are proud to offer our customers at TEAGUE.

Gun Fitting

A complete gun fitting service is available

A properly fitting gun is the first and most important step to good shooting. An ill-fitting gun is not only uncomfortable in use, but more importantly, a significant impediment to enjoyable and successful shooting. At TEAGUE we have many years’ experience in assessing the many different factors and measurements that must each be given careful consideration to ensure a gun is correctly fitted. After making their detailed assessment, our expert gun fitters will recommend which adjustments are required and these measurements can then be implemented to your gun by our skilled craftsmen

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