Rat and other vermin populations are booming and should be a concern for every gamekeeper, no matter the size of the shoot or the number of birds.

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust have recently conducted a two year study where it was revealed that more than 67% of the food provided for game birds was consumed by pest species, particularly rats.

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust estimates that on average, 8 tonnes of feed is required per 1,000 birds from release until the end of the season. Worryingly, if 67% is consumed by pest species, this could equate to 5.36 tonnes. Taking an example price of £200 per tonne, a vermin population of even a small shoot could cost over £1,000 during the course of the shooting season!

With the recent changes regarding the use of rodenticides and the ineffectiveness of rat bait around feeders, Quill Productions have designed the Quill Feeder Stand from firsthand experience. Used with the Quill Vermin Trap Box it will help control vermin around your feeders, protecting your feed and saving you money. It is more effective than using rat bait around your feeders as the feed itself often contains vitamin K which can counteract the effects of rat poisons!

The reversible Quill Feeder Stand is made of two halves, upon which either the Quill Midi Feeder and the Quill Feed Bin Kit can sit. The Quill Vermin Trap Box slots snugly in between the two halves creating a stand for your feeders and an inviting tunnel for rats and squirrels whilst the size of the hole ensures non-target species are not caught.

A trap (such as a MK4 Fenn Spring Trap) placed within the box will catch rats and squirrels by the head or the neck to ensure rapid and humane dispatch.

Why not try a Quill Feeder Stand and Quill Vermin Trap Box yourself? The stands are priced at £8.50+VAT each with a promotional offer of: Buy 20 stands, receive a free Quill Vermin Trap Box.

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