At the IWA in Nuremberg, gunsmiths, engravers and stock makers exhibit their skills: Every year a different Krieghoff model is manufactured, showcasing the superior craftsmanship in form of “Gun of the Year”.
Krieghoff’s engravers conducted extensive research for this particular engraving that depicts the historic battle that occurred from February 23rd until March 6th in 1836 between Texas and Mexico. Giacomo Fausti captures the emotion and turmoil of the fight on the soldiers’ faces along with subtle gold accents on the men’s uniforms to bring life to each scene depicted on the Krieghoff K-80 receiver. William Travis and James Bowie are remembered on a monument that was erected near the Alamo, while the top latch features the honored Texas Flag in red, white and blue enamel on each side and the seal of Texas above the haunting words of the battle cry “Remember The Alamo”.
Another gun by KRIEGHOFF, befitting the title “Gun of the Year”!

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