Swindens, makers of the remarkable revolving head vice will be exhibiting at this year’s British Shooting Show.  Visitors will be able to see for themselves just how versatile and ‘work friendly’ these vices really are.  The MOD are among their many customers and were quick to recognise the qualities of Swindens vices and now have them fitted in all their military workshops, armouries as well as versions fitted to vehicles that allow work to be carried out in the field.

The dual revolving head rotates through 360 degrees and can be locked in any position, enabling the best possible access to the piece being worked on.  Once the piece has been securely gripped in the strong jaws, the position can be altered by rotating the head without the need to unclamp.

 Besides the engineering benefits, the ability to position the vice at the angle and height most comfortable for the user has been shown to significantly reduce neck and back pain.  Richard Stork, a gunsmith from Devizes, Wiltshire discovered this and explains  ‘’ I was finding myself suffering from rather severe neck, shoulder and back pain which had been put down to straining or hunching at the bench to get to the right angle that I needed to work on different (often awkwardly shaped) gun and rifle parts.  The ability to hold onto a part that I am working on true in the vice jaws and be able to alter the position by simply slackening the clamp handle and swivelling the head of the vice to the most comfortable position is quite simply worth its weight in gold.  I very soon found that the tension pain in my neck and shoulders was gone and I was much more comfortable in my work’’.

After speaking with many users of Swindens vices, including gunsmith’s, the feedback is always positive with many saying they would never return to using a vice, fixed to a bench with a head that could not be rotated or adjusted. 

Be sure to visit Swindens Vices in Gunmakers Hall 1, zone 14 at the 2015 British Shooting Show.    

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