Swarovski Optik launches New CL Companion Binoculars


Leading long-range optical specialists SWAROVSKI OPTIK will launch their brand new CL Companion binoculars on 6 November 2017, providing an improved viewing experience and individual style, with three different accessory packages to choose from.

With its advanced optical and mechanical design, the latest product in the CL family of binoculars are easy to use and guarantee excellent viewing comfort and extraordinary image quality. Thanks to its unique features, the CL Companion really is the perfect companion for anyone eager to experience more during their travel or leisure activities.

Along with delivering an impressive 132-metre field of view, a key element of the binoculars is their new balanced optics concept, providing every user with an unforgettable yet comfortable viewing experience and high-contrast, colour-true images. Intuitive, ergonomic, and exquisitely made, the CL Companion binoculars are both lightweight and rugged thanks to their slim, compact design and solid magnesium housing. The carrying strap with rotating quick connector adapts smoothly to every movement and the binoculars are available in two magnifications, 8×30 and 10×30, and two colours: green and anthracite.

Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of SWAROVSKI OPTIK said, “Whenever you pick up the new CL Companion you are right in the moment. Whether you’re out kayaking, walking through a nature reserve, or enjoying the views from a scenic overlook, your eyes and the binoculars work together in complete harmony. Seeing takes on a whole new dimension and the observer becomes one with the wonder of nature.”


To complement the binoculars, the corresponding accessories are inspired by nature, with each package consisting of a field bag with carrying strap and a binocular strap, granting optimum protection. Customers can pick the package that best suits their personal style and choose from three different designs: NORTHERN LIGHTS, URBAN JUNGLE, and WILD NATURE. The new CL Companion will be priced from approx. £972 (€1,100), with each purchase including an accessory pack of the traveller’s choice.

Pricing for the new CL Companion is as follows:


As with most SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars and spotting scopes, the new CL Companion can be easily connected to a SWAROVSKI OPTIK phone adapter, allowing users to enjoy close-up encounters with nature while also having the ability to instantly capture and share those special moments.

The CL family was launched in 2011 and since then, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been offering nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts a range of binoculars providing the uncompromising combination of outstanding optical quality and compact size. CL binoculars have become trusted companions for all kinds of travel and leisure activities, and are one of SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s most successful products.

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