SureFire Low-Profile In-Ear Hearing

SureFire low-profile in-ear hearing protection range – Come and view on the Edgar Brothers stand at the British Shooting Show 2018.

surefire ear defenders

SureFire, renowned for laser sights and hand-held lights, has launched an in-ear protection range that won’t block out ambient sounds.

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Edgar Brothers, the SureFire EarPro products have been developed to protect those using them from harmful sounds and are widely used by military and law enforcement personnel in the US & the UK. These ear defenders are ideal for anyone shooting, be it game, clays or rifle shooting, as they offer excellent protection and comfort.

The range of EarPro products filter out harmful sounds above 85dB, providing a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of at least 24dB thanks to a proprietary design that incorporates a special noise-reducing filter. The ear defenders come with attached filter caps that can be inserted to provide additional hearing protection and block out lower level sounds.

Made from a hypoallergenic polymer, which is soft and durable, the range of EarPro products feature the patented EarLock retention rings, which ensure that the ear defenders won’t fall out and will be comfortable to use all day long. The EarLock retention ring uses seven points of contact to ensure that the ear protection will stay in place and fit the same way every time they are used, while soft, flanged stems provide secure seals.

surefire ear defenders

The EarPro products come in a variety of grades, starting with EP3 Sonic Defenders which provide double flanging and 24dB of noise reduction, up to the EP10 which comes with memory foam canal tips and provides 30dB of noise reduction. The range is available in three sizes, small, medium and large, and the EarPro range also come in three colours: black, clear and orange. The design is low-profile, so won’t interfere with caps or while using the phone. EarPro products come with a 26in detachable lanyard and carry case.

Edgar Brothers Advertised Price Inc. VAT: From £24.40.

These products will be on display at this year’s British Shooting Show.