Custom Rifles from Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks

Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks custom rifle

In 2006 Danny Ryan set up his business, Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks, to manufacture composite stocks for air rifles, small bore and full bore rifles. Danny’s vision was very clear; he wanted to offer a tailor made service supplying customers with custom stocks made to individual and very specific requirements.

The business soon moved into full bespoke rifle design and building. Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks not only make their own stocks, but also engineer and produce all their rifle components in house, from the ground up.

Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks has built its reputation on quality and the very best customer service not only within the civilian market place, but also within the military and law enforcement sector. The company is currently working on two international contracts, one in Europe for a sniper rifle. Because the rifle will mainly be deployed within an urban theatre the design requirements from the customer are very specific.

  • Fully adjustable tactical mil-spec stock.
  • A short 20″ fluted heavy varmint barrel.
  • A bridge mount at the front for advanced bolt on thermal or night vision equipment.
  • Chambered in .308 cal.

The second contact is for a law enforcement sniper rifle called the Interceptor. Designed for deployment in a more general environment, this long range rig has completely different features in order to meet the customer requirements.

Staffordshire synthetic Stocks custom rifle

  • Fully adjustable stock.
  • Custom made action and drop box magazine
  • Long barrel with muzzle break
  • Chambered in .308 cal.

With more and more deer stalkers wanting to switch to completely custom built rifles, Danny and his team have a very healthy order book and are continuing to produce some of the finest bespoke, custom rifle builds in the UK.

Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks custom rifle

Staffordshire Custom Stocks are again exhibiting at The British Shooting Show 2017. Visitors can find them in Gunmakers Hall 3. If you’re looking to make the change from an off the shelf rifle to a custom built platform then the British Shooting Show is the perfect opportunity to talk to one of the very best bespoke and custom build rifle makers in the country.