Joshua Creek Ranch opened for guests in 1990 on some of the finest hunt country in America.Over the last 20+ years, it has been developed and nurtured, resulting in a sportsmen’s paradise.

The Ranch is a rare combination of diverse Texas Hill Country topography with crystal clear spring-fed Joshua Creek cutting through the middle of the Ranch to converge into the renowned cypress-lined Guadalupe River that forms the Ranch’s north boundary.

 From fertile creek and river bottom land to lightly wooded grass pastures with intervening limestone bluffs and ledges, the Ranch is managed to produce prime wildlife habitat for hunting quail,pheasant, chukar and Hungarian partridge, as well as whitetail and Axis deer and Rio Grande turkey. 

Sporting clays, fly fishing for trout, summertime water sports, and a Youth Outdoor Adventure Program complete the year-round attractions of the Ranch for outdoor enthusiasts of every age.



Spring & Summer Events at Joshua Creek Ranch

It was driven pheasant shooting in Scotland in the late 1980’s that inspired the opening of Joshua Creek Ranch in 1990. The dramatically diverse terrain of this Hill Country created the perfect scenario for driven shooting, as well as ideal habitat for walk-up hunting of Texas bobwhite quail.

From mid-September through March, bobwhite quail, pheasant, chukar and Hungarian partridge are hunted in prime cover that has been developed and managed to attract and hold gamebirds. Hunts are conducted in a variety of styles, with traditional guided walk-up hunting behind dogs being the most popular. Professional guides use pointing, flushing and retrieving dogs to ensure finding an abundance of gamebirds and getting a strong flight when the birds flush.

Sites for European-style driven pheasant shoots have been developed throughout the Ranch. The rugged ledges above Joshua Creek and the Guadalupe River along with the hills overlooking fertile fields are used to drive pheasants high  over a line of guns positioned below. Shooters are challenged by scores of prime pheasants exploding from bluffs and ridges and soaring high overhead

Continental pheasant shoots give a similar experience to driven shoots but in a more controlled setting. From a central tower, pheasants are released to challenge shooters who rotate through ten stations, each set in a different habitat to give a variety of shots…high incoming shots, snap shots through tree tops, high left and right crossers. 


Spring & Summer Events at Joshua Creek Ranch


You’ll experience Texas Hill Country whitetail deer, Axis deer and Rio Grande turkey hunting at its best on spectacular Joshua Creek Ranch. It is not unusual to harvest a trophy Axis with 34+ inch antlers, or to get a shot at your choice of toms among the flocks of turkey strutting around feeders and in the protection of the forested acreage of the Guadalupe River bottom.

 A protein feed program and over 20 blinds are maintained year-round, providing hunters with an exceptional opportunity to harvest the game of their choice. State of Texas seasons are observed for whitetail and turkey hunting, but Axis deer are hunted year-round, with the greatest abundance of hard-horn trophy Axis bucks occurring between May and September.

Processing of harvested game as well as taxidermy services are available at the Ranch.


Spring & Summer Events at Joshua Creek Ranch


Joshua Creek Ranch is conveniently located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and open year-round for your enjoyment. September through mid-April are dedicated to upland birds, deer and turkey hunting. The remaining months are available for spring and summer outdoor activities like sporting clays, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and tubing on the Joshua Creek and Guadalupe River.

Why not plan a conference, workshop, retreat, reunion, fundraiser, or private party between May and August that includes some outdoor enjoyment for yourself, co-workers, clients, family or friends? Take advantage of the same extraordinary scenery and services that guests enjoy during hunting season at reduced summer rates.


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