Something a little different….the SiOnyx Aurora day night vision camera is the world’s first camera capable of capturing all life’s moments day or night, with three viewing modes, Day, Twilight and Night, providing colour night vision in low light scenarios, full night vision with infrared illumination and full colour by day.

Sionyx aurora

SiOnyx includes a patented Ultra Low-Light IR sensor technology that not only captures images under low-light conditions, but gives you true night vision capability in monochrome or in colour (requires ambient light sources such as moonlight, starlight, street lighting etc).. use hand held, or helmet mounted!

The patented ultra low-light sensor technology enables you to see things the human eye can’t, then record these incredible experiences. Day Mode and Twilight/Low Light in colour, and Night Vision mode in Black And White.

Day-only use cameras are capable of higher resolution–while still remaining physically small– because they only need very small pixels. But true night vision requires big pixels.

Sionyx aurora

That means night vision at higher resolution would require a sensor at least double Aurora’s 1” size, a much larger lens (goodbye portability) and a budget busting price tag of more than 10x Aurora’s current cost.

The SiOnyx Aurora will be available on the Scott Country International stand at the British Shooting Show 2020.