Visitors to the 2016 British Shooting Show may well have noticed and even tried out the new SimWay HUNT 2015. Probably the most advanced 3D hunting and shooting simulator in the world, visitors queued to try out the wide choice of programmes it had to offer. 

The SlimWay Hunt gathers data and analysis the shooters performance by tracking and processing the movement of the barrel and the shooters actions.  This is invaluable information for any shooter keen to improve their targeting and shooting techniques. With over 40 different shooting scenarios, shooters of all experience levels can choose from a wide variety of game and sporting disciplines. Shooters can use replica firearms fitted with an Infra Red (IR) laser or use their own gun, rifle or even pistol by attaching the Simway Aiming Device.  

This simulator is very easily installed and attracts shooters of all disciplines.  Instructors use the system to teach new hunters. For clay shooters, the trap and skeet programmes have been developed in conjunction with Håkan Dahlby, Olympic medallist in double trap 2012.  The simulator also has a dual mode allowing shooters to release their competitive spirit and challenge friends to duels, compete in hunting scenarios or even shoot in arcade style games.  

The Simway Hunt simulator is distributed by Viking Arms Ltd, please visit their website for details of UK dealers.