SightMark Wolverine Red Dot Sight

The SightMark Wolverine Tactical red Dot Sight is available int two different options – the FSR, 1×28 or the CSR 1×23 – Scott Country International, the exclusive distributor of SightMark in the UK, sent both sights to the British Shooting Show for review.

sightmark wolverine red dot

This year has seen SightMark hit the market with some very high quality optics and dropped them right into a price bracket that is extremely affordable for shooters across all disciplines where tactical sights are used.

The Wolverine CSR is a more compact version of the FSR. Most of the features are the same, but there are obviously some differences between the full size and compact models. The CSR has a 23 mm objective lens and displays a 4 MOA red dot and is perfectly suited to close range shooting where quick target acquisition is essential. The full size FSR has a 28 mm objective lens and displays a 2 MOA red dot for those shooters who are looking for a little more precision. The slightly smaller and compact size also makes it lighter than the FSR which comes in aty 384 gm. The CSR weighs just 10 oz.

With the differences listed and out of the way everything else in this review is relevant to both models unless stated otherwise.

The Woverine is fitted with a mount designed to enable the shooter to co-witness with AR platform iron sights and is compatible with picatinny rails. if a co-witness height isn’t a requirement you can remove the space and drop the optic lower and closer to the bore. I found that it was a little too high to co-witness with iron sights on my HK417 D, but it did sit perfectly to co-witness with the Torey Pines logic T20 Thermal imager/sight that Scott Country International had also sent in the package of goodies.

Sightmark wolverine red dot

The Wolverine is constructed from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium that is then covered with a very nice rubber skin. I have used lighter red dot sights in the past, but SightMark sights are renowned for being tough and able to withstand some fairly drastic abuse in the field.

On the left hand side of the scope there are two buttons. Press the up arrow button to switch the sight on. To switch the sight off press, and hold down the up arrow button for about 5 seconds. The 2 MOA red dot is very crisp. The reticle is illuminated in red only and has ten brightness settings which includes two night vision settings for use with helmet mounted NV units or a rifle mounted NV unit. I’ve also recently reviewed and tested the SightMark Ultra Shot Plus Tactical Red Dot which is powered by a single CR123A battery. After visiting a number of supermarkets in my surrounding area without any joy I finally had to order a battery online. No such messing about with the Wolverine which takes a single AA battery and boasts an incredible 1,000,000 hours of battery life, (6 years continuous use), depending on which setting it’s set at. On setting 6 the Wolverine the batter will have 50,000 hours of continuous use. However, if you do leave the Wolverine switched on it will auto-switch off after 12 hours.

The reticle is adjustable for windage and elevation and the caps are tethered to the sight meaning that there’s no risk of losing them at the range or out in the field. The FSR is adjustable to ½ MOA and the CSR is adjustable to 1 MOA. I mounted the CSR on my Weihrauch HW110 and after less than 10 sighting in shots I was consistently shooting single hole groups at 30 yards. To give you an idea of how much of the target was covered by the actual red dot at 30 yards, on it’s lowest setting covered the area out to the 9 ring on the centre group in the photo below, so, as you can see, in both groups all my shots were well within the area covered by the dot and I was very pleased with those results.

Sightmark Wolverine red dot

I mounted both these scopes and used them on different platforms and they performed brilliantly when hunting around my stables and when I took them out on an airsoft day. With a retail price of £239.99 for the FSR and £209.99 for the CSR I’m sure there are airsofters out there that will read this and say “why would I want to buy a scope that is the same price as many guns themselves?”. To me, the answer is a no-brainer; SightMark scopes come with a limited Lifetime Warranty which means if your scope suffers from damage out in the field – you drop your gun and break the scope, you fall on it, you somehow manage to drive over it, the glass is shot out – as long as the damage caused was not done intentionally, i.e., you decided to beat it with a hammer, for example, SightMark will either repair, or if damaged beyond repair, replace your optic. Now, if that’s not worth spending the extra pennies I don’t know what is. There are an abundance of cheap and cheerful sights and scopes out there that come in well under £100, even under £50 that won’t stand up to much before something breaks externally or internally and I’m a firm believer that if you buy cheap you will buy twice, or three times.

sightmark wolverine red dot

To find out more about SightMark products visit the Scott Country International and also contact them to find your nearest SightMark stockist. Also, be sure to visit the SightMark stand at the British Shooting Show 2019 to see their full range.

Wolverine FSR Specification:

Where different the CSR specification is indicated in red.

  • Reticle type: 2 MOA Dot, CSR 4 MOA dot
  • reticle colour: Red illuminated
  • Brightness setting: Off, NV1, NV2, 3–30
  • Magnificatiion: 1x
  • Window dimension: 28 mm, CSR 23 mm
  • Window material: Glass
  • Eye relief: unlimited mm
  • Windage range of adjustment: 120 MOA
  • Elevation range of adjustment: 120 MOA
  • MOA adjustment: ½ MOA, CSR 1 MOA
  • Finish: Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • Body material: Aluminium 6061-T6./Rubber
  • Maximum recoil: 800g’s
  • IP standard: IP67 (siubmersible to 1 m)
  • Shockproof and fogproof
  • Lens coating: AR red
  • Mount type: Picatinny
  • Battery type: AA, 900–1,000,000 hours
  • Dimensions 113.5 x 75.1 x 65.3 mm, CSR 84 x 71.6 x 61.1 mm
  • Weight: 348 gm, CSR 10 oz