Siccaro WetDog Hunter Jacket

A Siccaro WetDog Hunter Jacket is the perfect outdoor equipment to get your dog dry and warm after they get wet or if it’s cold outside. The WetDog Hunter features an inner layer of our specially designed super absorbent viscose which is great if your dog has been running in the rain, had a swim or been doing rigorous activity and needs to keep warm afterwards. The added benefit of the WetDog Hunter is that it’s water and dirt resistant so that your dog can be outside and active whilst getting dry. The WetDog Hunter is wind resistant and the long neck gives extra warmth in colder months so it makes the perfect, all purpose outdoor dog coat with an especially fast drying inner layer.

WetDog Hunter

Why Dog Owners and Hunters Enjoy the WetDog Hunter

In the colder months it is important to keep your dog warm and dey especially if you have been out in the moist conditions. When going for long walks, playing outdoors or even in light rain, the WetDog Hunter can give your dog the extra warmth and dryness it needs to stay comfortable, healthy and warm.

We all know what it’s like to use numerous towels in order to get your dog dry and protect the car from dirt, dog hair and wet dog smell after a wet adventure outside. With the WetDog Hunter coat, towels and blankets are no longer necessary with this highly technical dog coat that will provide protection both for your dog and your car or home. The WetDog Hunter Jacket is tailored to be able to be used outdoors, however you can also use it to dry your dog after a bath inside as it will absorb 80% of moisture on a dog’s fur within 15 minutes.

The WetDog Hunter should always be removed prior to swimming as the moisture absorbent fabric becomes heavy and will weigh the dog down – imposing a drowning risk.

Benefits of the jackets include

  • Quick to put on and dries 80% of moisture within 15 mins.
  • Less mess and bother when washing their dogs
  • A simple solution after wet outdoor activities
  • Protection from water damage on their cars, offices and homes
  • Compact and transportable which means it can be stored in the office, a bag, your car, work vehicle camper van, boat, tent or taken on any other holiday
  • It is easily washed at 30° and can be tumble dried at low heat
  • The simple locking clip assists people with children, arthritis or movement issues to use it
  • Gets multiple dogs dry quickly, without fuss
  • Made in Europe with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity
  • Can catch ticks moving on the fur before they latch onto the skin
  • No more mountains of towels to wash with dog odour on them

WetDog hunter


Damian Newmann, Judge at IWT14, Owner of Maighmor Gundogs, Ireland – It fits both my labradors as well as my spaniels, and just works really efficiently. Gets them warm and dry in a few minutes. In the long run, given the time we save, how easy it is to use and the health benefits for the dogs, it is worth it.

Dave Latham, Judge at IWT14 – WetDog really does the job very well – it fits perfectly and stays on the dog no matter how much they run about – it’s fast-drying and warm. It is a high end product, but I would definitely recommend it to other dog owners.

Siccaro will be exhibiting at the British Shooting Show 2017, NGO Gamekeping Hall, Zone 35.