Siccaro Partners With Sporting Saint

SICCARO, the Danish company known for its innovative dog drying robes and mats, has announced a new partnership with specialist gundog retailer Sporting Saint.

siccaro wetdog

David Drachmann-Sunne, Siccaro’s European Commercial Director commented, “We are pleased to be partnering with such a renowned retailer which is known for its service to the gundog community – the perfect platform to progress Siccaro’s growth in the UK.”

Sporting Saint’s Director, Philippa Jones said, “The team at Sporting Saint is delighted to be working with Siccaro. Siccaro delivers good quality, well-designed and hard-wearing products with material technology unique to the brand. The Siccaro products including the Supreme Pro Drying Robe, Flexdog Mat and DryGloves will be very well received by our customers and are a great addition to our range of gundog equipment.”

With a family history in the pet industry, Lissen Marschall invented the Siccaro Supreme Pro WetDog, one of the world’s most absorbent dog drying coats in 2013. The robes are unlike others because:

  • Your dog is 90% dry in 15 minutes thanks to the unique Wet2Dry fabric
  • Bamboo naturally reduces wt dog odour
  • Ideal to put on your dog after working, picking up, wet walks, bath time or swimming as it allows dogs to get warm and dry with minimal fuss
  • Comes in 7 sizes XS – 3XL

Siccaro dog robes are made with an ultra absorbent double-layered fabric consisting of a sponge-like viscose and natural anti-bacterial terry towelling bamboo – Wet2Dry. Unlike other drying coats, it is so absorbent that it can be used multiple times on multiple dogs. You can also dampen it in the summer and use it as a cooling coat.

For any trade enquiries for Siccaro products in the UK, contact Sporting Saint’s customer service team. Tel 01885 400343 or email

SICCARO’s New Colour Celebrate the Fuusion of Nature and Technology

Colours Inspired by Nature and Van Gough!

SICCARO, the pet care brand famed for the “World’s most absorbent dog drying robe” is poised to release the iconic Supreme Pro WetDog drying robe in a regal new colour called Granite, which will be available from September 2018. The new Siccaro colour was inspired by the rich tone of the ‘Van Gogh’ Blue Granite, which can only be found in Brazil.

siccaro wetdog

The existing ‘nature’ themed 4-way colour palette used by Siccaro is representative of the organisational focus on natural textile fibres that achieve high performance results, as opposed to synthetics.

Launch of Wet2Dry Textile Technology Identity

The launch of the new Granite colour coincides with the company’s release of the new trademarked logo for their self produced ultra-absorbent textile called “Wet2Dry”. Wet2Dry fabric has the immense capacity to hold up to 11 times its weight in water and is the primary reason that the Supreme Pro WetDog drying robe has been labelled “World’s most absorbent drying robe”.

Secret company formula

Wet2Dry’s incredible absorbency, is derived from the long viscose textile fibres which are made from regenerated woodchips. Whilst being incredibly absorbent, this viscose fibre is simultaneously volatile, so finding the perfect weave and extra ingredients, which make up the additional 20% of the Wet2Dry content took Siccaro’s founder, Lissen Marschall, 1.5 years to develop and this information remains top secret within the company.

Antibacterial Bamboo

The Supreme Pro WetDog drying robe utilises Wet2Dry fabric as the foundation for the drying robe whilst a quilted layer of organic bamboo terry towelling sits over the top for added absorbency. Bamboo textiles have been scientifically proven to possess naturally antibacterial and antifungal properties. This means that the entire collection of Supreme Pro, FlexDog Mat and DryGloves resist the unpleasant odour of wet dogs and can be used multiple times without washing, unlike traditional cotton and micro-fibre towels used for dog drying, which is environmentally beneficial.

Siccaro’s founder Lissen Marschall maintains the philosophy that natural fibres hold the best answers for pet health citing, “I am passionate about finding natural solutions for new pet products because it is better for the environment and better for the long term health of our pets. By keeping dogs dry and warm, we keep their muscles and joints in great condition and improve their long term health.”