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Scott Country

Brand new for 2016, Night Vision specialists Pulsar have launched the new Pulsar Quantum XQ Series Hand Held Thermal Imager

Moving on from the success of the XD50S and XD38S models, the new XQ50 and XQ38 see huge performance improvements over the previous models, yet still maintaining the same RRP

Now offering up to 1800m detection with a 4.1x to 16.4x magnification the Quantum XQ50 provides long range identification, and detection ranges of up to 1800m for a man sized object.

Scott Country

Quantum XQ50 £2999.99    1800m detection     4.1x to 16.4x mag

This is revolutionary in the world of thermal imaging with products providing this level of performance usually costing 3 or 4x more.

Twinned with 50hz refresh, full colour thermal pallets, stadiametric rangefinder and a new super fast 2 second start up time, the Quantum XQ series will quickly become THE best selling thermal on the market.

The XQ38 model provides improvements in performance over the XD50 predecessor with 1350m detection and 3.1x to 12.4x mag.

Scott Country

Quantum XQ38 £2619.99    1350m detection     3.1x to 12.4x mag

Available from Scott Country International from 1st July.

Scott Country

For more information on The XQ Quantum range, visit

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