5-25×56 PM II Digital BT and 3-27×56 PM II High Power Digital BT

The new Schmidt & Bender PM II Digital BT scopes are the consequent follow up of the first PM II digital generation: They provide the ability to receive targeting data from external devices via Bluetooth and project this information in the field of view. Available external devices are currently laser range finders, and communication with additional devices is under development. The technology is currently available for the 5-25×56 PM II and the 3-27×56 PM II High Power.

3-12×54 PM II Ultra Bright and 4-16×56 PM II Ultra Bright

For the military market introduces the new riflescope product line PM II Ultra Bright consisting of a 3-12×54 and a 4-16×56. Both scopes are currently the brightest low light tactical scopes for designated marksmen and snipers, with an overall light transmission of more than 96%. Ultra flat turrets and multiple available reticles complete this innovation.
5-45×56 PM II High Power

Another addition is made to the High Power line in terms of a new Ultra Long Range Scope: The new 5-45×56 PM II High Power. It is based on the proven 9x zoom of the 3-27×56 PM II High Power, and will thus provide the same clear image and high resolution along with the proven flat turrets which allow the use with a backpacked red dot sight.

3-12×54 Polar T96 and 4-16×56 Polar T96

The latest Polar T96 hunting product line is completed by two new scopes: a
3-12×54 Polar T96 with optional parallax and a 4-16×56 Polar T96 with parallax setting from 30m to Infinity provide an overall light transmission of more than 96%. They strongly underline Schmidt & Benders leadership in innovative technology, which allows Schmidt & Bender to sell the brightest low light hunting scope in the world.

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