Sako A7 – Genuine Sako Rifle at an Attractive Price

Sako A7

The Sako A7 is not a new rifle, but very much work a mention during our Rifle Focus month. Both Sako and its sister company Tikka are owned by Beretta and the A7 is positioned within the market slightly above the range of Tikka models, but just below the Sako rifle range. The A7 would be classed as an entry level rifle with the combination of Tikka affordability. Everybody knows the Tikka rifles, love the Tikka rifles and it is widely accepted that they are some of the best value for money rifles on the market. Both Sako and Tikka rifles shoot very well.

The Sako A7 has unique features that are not available in any other Sako or Tikka rifles: The special steel action is made in two sizes, S and M, and to comply with available calibres, the receiver is drilled and tapped for bases, the bolt has three locking lugs in front and a 70-degree angle for fast cycling. Furthermore, it has a polymer magazine with integral steel feeding lips to allow top loading without removing the magazine.

The receiver is drilled and tapped for mounts, and weaver rails are available. If these are to be used, they have to be glued – however, they may also be replaced with suitable steel bases that are readily available on the market.

The co-polymer magazine is also loadable from the top, when inserted into the rifle. Material is 50% nylon, 50% fibreglass, with stainless magazine spring. Inserted steel collar allows insertion of cartridges from above. The magazine is held in place by the Total Control Latch to prevent unintentional loosening.


sako A7 synthetic stainless

A weather-resistant rifle for touch weather conditions. This version of the A7 comes with a stainless barrel, action and bolt and a co-polymer black stock with a soft touch coating.


sako a7 roughtec

The Roughtech Pro is a true hunting and shooting rifle designed for regular big game hunting. The roughtech stock has a fully integrated aluminium bedding that ensures precise, rigid chassis, as well as a rough surface texture that ensures a solid grip in all weather conditions. The Roughtech stock is equipped with an advanced high energy recoil pad. All stocks come with two 5 mm spacers for length of pull adjustment.


sako A7 synthetic

with a black steel-barreled action; a co-polymer black stock with a soft touch coating, the A7 Synthetic is a reliable and lightweight hunting companion. The black, lightweight and durable co-polymer stock provides a good grip for fast handling.


sako A7 roughtec range

The Sako Roughtech Range model is excellent for long range and varmint shooting. Thanks to its wider stock fore end, the Range model provides excellent support in the prone position when shooting without a bi-pod. The Roughtech stock has a fully integrated aluminium bedding that ensures precise, rigid chassis, as well as a rough surface texture that ensures a solid grip in all weather conditions. The two front sling studs enable the simultaneous attachment of a bi-pod and a sling.

Key Features

  • Synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad and sling swivel mounts.
  • Two position safety with separate bolt release button.
  • Crisp single-stage trigger, adjustable from 2-4 pounds.
  • Detachable synthetic magazine with steel feed lips.
  • Patented Total-Control magazine release latch.
  • Two-piece bolt with forged steel body, three locking lugs and a short, ultra-smooth 70-degree bolt lift.
  • Forged steel round-top receiver with Weaver-style scope mount bases installed.
  • Fully free-floating, match-grade hammer-forged barrel.