Ryan Whatley is a sponsored British sports shooter who specialises in Olympic Skeet. 

Winner of the British open English skeet colts in 2013.

We will be following his progress throughout the year and Ryan himself will be sending in a monthly blog. 

January blog 

This month I got back to training after a Christmas break for 2 week 

My first training session was at Bisley shooting ground where I went and shot with a few of my friends from the Olympic skeet circuit. 

Working on building scores over the course of the day we shot 75 targets and had a really good time training. 

After this it was time to start preparing for the selection shoots so I started to train as much as possible in the build up.

February blog

This month was a good month for me as the weather was at an all time low most days which meant I could train on some very challenging targets and learn new ways of dealing with them. While training I worked on fine tuning the smallest of things for example how I focus my eyes when looking for the target and then reacting as quick as I can get to get on to the target and make that clean kill that we all strive to achieve.

April blog

This month I have decided to take a week after some very hard training to go out with my Brock and Norris custom 6.5×55 rifle deer stalking. As me and dad arrived at our first spot we spotted a perfect cull animal roe Buck which would have been great for the table. We spent a long time stalking in from a distance when disaster struck and he stood up and started to run but he made the mistake of stopping 170 yards away where I placed a clinical lung shot and he dropped on the spot. A very satisfying result from a very satisfying rifle.

Now in the lead up to the second selection shoot of the year I’m back to training hard week In week out.

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