RUTEC target backing is now available in the UK from Process & Plant Sales Ltd.


Widely accepted throughout Europe as a leader in the manufacture of quality natural rubber target backing materials whilst offering cost savings over other comparable products RUTEC ballistic rubber offers shooting ranges a number of safety and cost benefits.

RUTEC protects the shooter from deflected and rebounding projectiles – RUTEC “self heals” after the projectile has passed through to prevent ricochets.

Reduction of lead dust – installed correctly the ballistic rubber contains the lead dust and fumes behind the curtain giving increased safety.

It has excellent noise reduction dampening properties when used in conjunction with “hard” plate bullet catching systems.


SGP RUTEC R1038 anti-splash protection curtains will reduce lead dust and will stop ricocheting of bullet fragments. The high elasticity of RUTEC natural rubber compounds results in automatic closure of the curtain after penetration by the projectile. The projectiles themselves remain within the bullet guard between the target indication level and the bullet guard system. This function contributes significantly to the protection of the shooter.

The ballistic rubber is available in different thicknesses with different physical properties such as colour, shore hardness, UV resilience, etc. RUTEC natural rubber can be delivered in standard dimensions on a roll, individually cut or even as curtains customised to your specifications.

RUTEC anti-splash curtains stands up to MP7!

The anti-splash material, R1078, was tested against the Heckler 7 Koch MP7 firing both hard-core and soft-core ammunition. In spite of the massive penetrating power of this weapon the rounds hardly left wear tracks in the splinter protection. A suitable shooting test occurred in March, 2011 on a range with the armed forces (Bundeswehr). They fired 1,500 rounds of hardcore- and soft-core projectiles at our RUTEC R1078 and at the present anti-splash material from approximately 15 metres on a defined surface.

The photos show unambiguously the excellent locking qualities of the natural rubber and the lifetime resulting from it.


Approved by both the MOD and the NSRA, RUTEC is proving to be a popular choice for shooting ranges throughout the UK since its launch in 2014.

RUTEC is exhibiting at The Great British Shooting Show for the first time in 2017.