Purpose Built to Distance Itself from Typical Long Range Rifles


Ruger Precision Rifle

Earlier this year Strum Ruger & Company, Inc. released a new version of the Ruger Precision Rifle, (RPR), the Ruger Precision Rifle Advanced. It’s probably fair to say that there haven’t been many rifles out there this year that have received the amount of anticipation or interest as this one, and it’s easy to see why. Ruger entered the long distance, precision shooting market with a rifle that could be classed as “budget” and in doing so, opened the door with the PRP for new shooters to take up the sport of long distance shooting at a very affordable price.

The original RPR was rammed with excellent features and from the ground up, this rifle was designed for distance shooting. So, what’s on it? A fully adjustable stock featuring an adjustable cheek rest, length of pull and a picatinny rail underneath. The stock is also side folding with a lock once folded. A 20 MOA picatinny rail system which ran smoothly in to the full length rail on the handguard. An adjustable trigger (2.25lb – 5lb pull), a 70° bolt. A great feature is that hidden in the end of the bolt is the trigger adjustment tool. A 24″ cold hammer forged chrome-moly, barrel with 1:8 twist and threaded for either a moderator or a muzzle break. A unique two stage drop box magazine system that enables the shooter to use a number of different magazine types including X Products, Alpha magazines, Magpul PMags, AICS magazines as well as several others. The first stage releases the rear catch magazines like the AICS magazines and the second stage will release the side catch magazines such as the Magpul PMags.

With this being an AR platform there is already a huge amount of aftermarket upgrades available. Ruger have made many parts with the intention of them being interchangeable. The pistol grip safety catch, buttstock, bolt knob and handguard can all be switched out if the shooter wishes to do so.

Below you can see the RPR with its original handguard.

Ruger Precision Rifle

This new version has all the great features of the RPR, but now comes with a new short action handguard that offers increased scope clearance. The rail system, flat at the 12:00 position to cater for the larger objective lenses of long range scopes. In addition to this, a wider KeyMod handguard flat at the 6:00 position provides for a more stable foundation or mounting bipods. The hybrid muzzle break reduces felt recoil, depending on calibre and barrel length, by up to 58% and locks into position with the use of an external jam nut, rather than shims. The port setup also reduces noise and blast to the side of the shooter. The billet aluminium bolt shroud has proved to be a popular upgrade with RPR owners. If you already own a RPR in its original configuration all the new enhancements are available separately from Ruger.

Ruger Precision Rifle

Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO said, “It has been very gratifying to see the interest our customers have taken in the Ruger Precision Rifle, but as great as the gun is, we recognise there is always room for improvement. The enhancements we’ve made will improve the gun’s utility and aesthetics and the Ruger Precision Rifle will perform out of the box better than ever.”