Rigby’s highly anticipated Highland Stalker rifle

Hailed as a traditional deerstalking rifle, the new Highland Stalker is inspired by the same smaller calibre rifles Rigby produced at the turn of the 20th century that were used by iconic British adventurers such as Karamojo Bell and Jim Corbett. Rigby regards the Scottish Highlands as the birthplace of stalking and the title befitting the rifle.

Everyone knows Rigby for large calibre hunting rifles, so the notion of introducing a new small calibre edition required considerable thought. After the phenomenal response to last year’s commemorative Corbett rifle, Rigby realised there was a demand for vintage-looking rifles. For that reason it was decided to model the Highland Stalker on the look of the original .275 Rigby, which was the ubiquitous rifle of its time. After three years of R&D, Rigby is extremely proud of the result: the Highland Stalker’s striking slim lines, rounded grip shape and lack of cheek piece gives it a very classic look plus its lightweight frame makes it ideal for the hill. Rigby has redefined tradition, ensuring the Highland Stalker will become a modern icon in its own right.

Available in both men’s and ladies’ versions, the rifle features grade 5 wood as standard, traditional Rigby pattern iron sights, an ambidextrous stock, hand-finished chequering and original-style engraving. Weighing 7.8lb, the rifle’s magazine holds 4+1 for all calibres. Of course, numerous upgrades are available to any specification.

Available in .275, .308, .30-06, 8×57, 9.3×62

RRP: £6,495 | €7,595 | $8,995

For more information, visit www.johnrigbyandco.com