Required Reading for All Gun Owners

The National Gamekeeper’s Organisation has published the twelfth edition of Sporting Shooting and the Law, the indispensable user’s guide to firearm and shotgun licensing, the book that makes simple the legal complexities of gun ownership for live quarry and target shooters.

The authoritative 76-page softback is the most up-to-date text on gun licensing on the market, and includes details of the latest amendments to the Firearms Acts. It also provides comprehensive information on other legislation relevant to shooting sports.

NGO Shooting book

Written in down-to-earth language – it is intended to be a book to be bought and read – Sporting Shooting and the Law is endorsed by the National Police Chiefs Council, and carries a foreword by the Assistant Chief Constable of Durham Police, Dave Orford. Copies cost £8.00 and are available on the NGO website and from the NGO office on 01833 660869 or

The Chairman of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, Liam Bell, said: “Quite simply, no one who uses shotguns or firearms for sport or for work can afford not to own their own copy of Sporting Shooting and the Law. Ignorance isn’t blissful: a good knowledge of gun and shooting law is central to our being able to possess firearms. This is an important book and should be required reading for all gun owners. Get your copy today.”

The scope of Sporting Shooting and the Law, the twelfth edition to be published since 1989, is testament to the stream of changes to firearms’ legislation and administrative procedures in recent years. No other comparable publication has been kept so well up-to-date, and the principal changes covered in the new edition are:

  • Details of new provisions to the Policing and Crime Act 2017. These have had a significant impact on certificate holders, especially when borrowing guns and using expanding ammunition.
  • Revised guidance on how to apply for a grant or renewal of a certificate and what to do if things go wrong.
  • Help on what to do about the medical procedures introduced in 2016, which now affect all grants and renewals.
  • A chapter on air gun licensing in Scotland.
  • Advice on the safe use of social media for gun owners.
  • What to do when receiving an unannounced security inspection.
  • An explanation of the age limits for possessing guns.
  • Updates and clarifications on pre-existing legal matters.


David Frost, the author of Sporting Shooting and the Law, said: “There are three dozen separate pieces of legislation that affect the ownership and use of guns and as a shooter, you need to know them all. The book summarises each one of them in easy language and in a coherent way. It also has clear guidance that pulls no punches on what to do if you encounter problems with your local force. The aim of Sporting Shooting and the Law is to explain the bureaucratic nightmare of the licensing process in a clear and easily understood manner. This way you should get fair and efficient treatment by your local police force.”

I would especially like to thank Assistant Chief Constable Dave Orford of Durham Police for his kindness in contributing the foreword. Mr Orford is, incidentally, now the fourth chairman of the Police Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group to do so.”

Other chapters cover the legislation relating to security; game shooting; air guns; quarry species, including deer; seasons; pest control and much more.

Other chapters cover the legislation relating to security; game shooting; air guns; quarry species, including deer; seasons; pest control and much more.