Red Squirrel Project In Cumbria

Brocock and MTC are sponsoring the Red Squirrel conservation in Cumbria.

Back in September Tony Belas from Brocock, MTC and Daystate visited the British Shooting Show offices to tell us about the Red Squirrel conservation work being done in Cumbria and how Brocock and MTC are helping with this important project.


The main method of controlling the Gray Squirrel population in Whinfell Forrest is by shooting them and top ranger, Jerry Moss has now upgraded to the latest Brocock Commander with very successful results.

red squirrel conservation

The British Shooting Show will continue to bring more details on how this important work is progressing. The sponsored teams from Cumbria and Cornwall will be at the British Shooting Show 2019 and will be on hand to explain what the main threat to the UK’s native Red Squirrel population is. Visitors will also be able to see the actual guns donated by Brocock.