Raniero Testa and his Winchester SX4 break a world record 

Winchester shooter Raniero Testa already holds six world records and now he enters the legend a little more by adding yet another one.

13 trays in only 1.6 seconds!

The Italian shooter, armed with the new Super X4, had to throw 13 trays into the air and break them with 13 cartridges before they fell back to the ground. The exploit was rendered all the more difficult because of the wind and rain on the occasion.

Despite this, Raniero was successful after 35 minutes trying. The record, certified by an independent agency, was made possible thanks to the genius of the Winchester shooter and the effective performance of his semi-automatic rifle.

“To train, in one month I shot 20,000 Winchester X2 28gr cartridges with my SX4”, says Raniero Testa. “The SX4 is amazing. It is even faster than the SX3, better balanced, with better ergonomics. Today, I have proved that the Winchester SX4 is the fastest semi-automatic rifle in the world.”

In fact, Raniero Testa obtained his record by breaking the 13 trays in only 1.6 seconds! Such a furious pace would certainly not be possible with any rifle other than the SX4.

The SX4 in a few words

The Winchester SX3 was already a very successful rifle, in particular thanks to the many speed records achieved by Raniero Testa. However, after 11 years, it was time to revolutionise it to offer a semi-automatic rifle with even greater performance. The SX4 is more efficient, notably on account of:

• Its weight, reduced by 100 grammes
• A balance point moved forwards to facilitate the swing
• Greatly improved ergonomics (two stock inserts supplied, a slimmer gun stock, larger locking button and re-arming lever)
• A new recoil pad for better recoil absorption
• Three Invector+ chokes supplied
• A drop-down trigger block for easier cleaning
• A revolutionary new look.

We would also observe that the SX4 averages 15% less expensive than the SX3!

SX4: the range

SX4 Composite Black Shadow 

• Chamber: 3.5’
• Barrel lengths: 66, 71 and 76cm
• Recommended price: £ 719 | 799 €

SX4 Field

• Chamber: 3’
• Barrel lengths: 66, 71, 76cm
• Recommended price: £ 725 | 839 €

SX4 Camo Mobuc

• Chamber: 3.5’
• Barrel lengths: 66, 71 and 76cm
• Recommended price: £ 771 | 899 €