The brand new Pulsar Quantum HD50S thermal imager has arrived with a huge increase in performance and image quality over the current best selling Quantum HD38S hand held thermal imager.

Featuring a fast 30hz refresh rate the new Pulsar Quantum HD50S features a F50/1.2 revised lens design for increased performance and detection now providing a detection range in excess of 1250metres via a 640×480 high resolution OLED display.

Ideal for wildlife observation, spotting vermin at night, deer stalking or security and surveillance, the Puisar Quantum thermal imager HD50S features a 2.8x optical magnification with 2x digital zoom, and will provide detection of wildlife even when traditional night vision is impeded by objects such as rain, fog, or objects such as grass and foliage.

Perfect for tracking wildlife which has gone to cover such as a roe deer on the hill, or a dog fox in scrub, the Pulsar Quantum HD50S thermal imager works 24/7 for use day or night.

The new Pulsar Quantum HD50S thermal offers a 1250m detection range via an advanced high resolution microbolometer with 640×480 display, high grade F50/1.2 Germanium lens, and frost proof OLED display that ensures a high quality image across the field of view, with no edge distortion, on tunnel effect providing a detailed image and long detection range.

Powered by 4 x AA batteries with a run time of up to 5 hours, or power with the optional addition of an external battery pack EPS3 for extended run times.

Class leading start up time of five seconds or less, and feature analog video output to enable connection of external recording devices such as a Yukon MPR.

RRP £3399

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