Pulsar Axion NOW Available

The new Axion thermal imager from Pulsar feature an advanced 320×240 12 μm sensor, delivering smoother edges, more detailed thermal mapping and offer a greater ability to recognise and identify objects over an equivalent sized sensor with a 17 μm pixel pitch.

pulsar axion thermal imager

AXION KEY XM30 £1269.95

  • Up to 1300 m detection
  • 2.5x to 10x magnification
  • LCOS 960×720 display

AXION XM30 £1759.95

  • Up to 1300 m detection
  • 4x to 16x magnification
  • AMOLED 1042×768 Display

AXION XM38 £2059.95

  • Up to 1700 m detection
  • 5.5x to 22x Magnification
  • AMOLED 10.24×768 Display

To find out more about the new Pulsar Axion thermal imager visit Scott Country International.