Photon RT 6×50 NOW Shipping

The Yukon Photon RT 6×50 is Now Available to order at Scott Country International, with Next Day Delivery. The new Photon RT is available for shipping from TODAY, 31st August!

The new Photon RT needs no introduction and this new model for 2017 has some new tricks up its sleeve including video recording, a new sensor, stream vision, variable mag, and a staggering recognition range in excess of 200 metres.

New Photon RT LRF riflescope with Laser Range Finding finding capability exclusive to SCI Ltd.

Yukon Photon RT 6×50 £599.99

Yukon Photon RT 6×50 LRF £759.99


Whether you are controlling foxes at extended ranges or rabbiting around the farm, the new Photon RT will fit the bill, with a new 786×586 sensor providing high res imagery.

With a staggering recognition distance in excess of 200 m, the new Photon RT 6×50 is perfect for rimfire and centrefire use, and now you can accurately determine ranges from 6-500 m at the touch of a button with our Photon RT LRF package.

With a visible LRF aim point in the Photon viewfinder, simply line up the blinking marker onto your subject and instantly measure ranges via the attached LRF LCD display.

Photon RT

Using a bespoke aligned mount the included laser range finder quickly mounts to the weaver accessory rail providing a accurate method of range finding on the fly at up to 500 m.

The new Photon RT 6×50 LRF is available NOW as a unique package deal at Scott Country International.

Utilising the new Pulsar battery carrier, Photon RT can be powered by 4 AA batteries, or the optional DNV rechargeable battery pack. External power via USB power is also available.

Photon RT

With integrated video recording and Wifi Stream Vision, users can capture video footage direct to the Photon 8GB internal memory, or stream a video feed to as iPad or tablet.

Photon RT

24/7 Capability, Variable Magnification, ideal for air rifle, rimfire and centre fire use.

Yukon Photon RT 6×50 £599.99

Yukon Photon RT 4.5×42 £549.95

With an optical 6x magnification (or 4.5x depending on model), the new Photon RT 6×50 has a 2x zoom providing a variable 6–12x magnification at the touch of a button. Day light capability, albeit in black and white, the Photon RT can be used during the day as well as at night, providing 24/7 solution for ratting, rabbiting and foxing on all calibres.