Phil Campion at The Great British Shooting Show 2018

For most of us the hard challenges of life begin when we are young and fortunately have the supportive guidance of parents and family within a stable home. Life’s challenges didn’t come looking for Phil Campion, he was born into them when he was given up for adoption at birth. He ended up with violent adoptive parents, and placed into a series of children’s homes. He left school at age sixteen having learned how to escape from those kid’s homes, and how to survive living rough in the wild. With no qualifications to his name, he saw himself as an ideal candidate to join the Army.

He joined the Royal Hampshires (now the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment), and the British Army became the first real home that he’d ever had. And in spite of such a challenging start in life, Phil went on to extraordinary achievements, becoming one of the few British soldiers ever to pass both Royal Marine Commando course and the famous Parachute Regiment’s P company, before going for the ultimate challenge – selection into the Special Air Service (22 SAS).

Having served on exercises and operations all over the world in the SAS, he moved on to working the private military circuit, and to the life of a global gun for hire. But in typical style, his drive to overcome his lack of privileges in his early life propelled him to the top of that game, and to commanding teams of 80-100 private military operators in some of the world’s deadliest hotspots. Partly as a result of such experiences he invented a digital dog tag that has revolutionized personal security and medical care in remote danger zones accredited with saving numerous lives.

In 2011 his life story was published in the bestselling memoir, Born Fearless, and covered widely in the British media. It is one of enormous inspiration, proving how the human spirit can endure against all odds, and achieve the truly remarkable. His examples and lessons learned from a life in the military elite have wide resonance for businesses, companies and other organizations today. Born Fearless was a Sunday Times top ten best seller and Phil Campion was the bestselling military Author for 2012. Phil has since presented documentaries for sky news and Sky Atlantic and continues to support veteran’s charities wherever he can.

We are privileged to have Phil Campion at the 2018 show. Visitors can meet Phil on his stand (A 17) in the Tactical Training Area and pick up a signed copy of Phil’s best selling memoir ‘Born Fearless’.

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