PAO Offers Quick Release Mounts

“Today’s Shooters have a bewildering range of accessories to assist their performance in the Field or on the Range, and they are constantly seeking new ways to improve their performance. Many shooters, for instance, have a favorite scope that they would like to move between two (or more) favored rifles or pistols, but traditional multi-screw mounts mean that this is a time consuming chore, that also risks the possibility of losing the zero on each gun.

This is why we have introduced the PAO® KwikLOK™ Quick Release/Quick Detach Scope Mounts. These thumb-operated quick detach levered mounts, offer easy removal and re-fitting of scopes to their original position – no loss of zero. Quickly move your favorite scope between your favored rifles and pistols. These High Profile, Quick Release Scope Mounts will fit all Airguns/Rifles/Airsoft guns fitted with either 11 mm dovetails/rails or 20 mm Weaver/Picatinny rails (Select required model). Two variants are available, one for 25 mm bodied scopes and one for 30 mm bodied scopes.” said Mike Hurney, Chairman of TSP.

POA quick release mounts

“We then turned our attention to Torches and Lasers as well as Scopes. Many rifles and pistols offer limited mounting space on rails that may be partially obstructed by multi-shot magazines so we are introducing our PAO® ForwardReach™ Single Piece Rifle Scope Mounts that allow Scopes, Torches, Lasers or Night Vision equipment to be mounted forward-or backward-of a limited length gun rail. This new mount offers significantly more mounting options than standard mounts. Ruggedly constructed with a Triple-Clamp (6 bolts on each cap) design and finished in Tactical Matt Black, they will fit either 30 mm bodied scopes-or with the use of the provided 25 mm reducer inserts-25 mm bodied scopes or accessories. Suitable for scopes/accessories with objective lenses up to 56 mm,” he added.

PAO quick release mounts

“As our sport continues to develop and evolve, here at The Shooting Party we intend to be at the forefront of the development of new, innovative and keenly-priced accessories that continue to broaden the Shooters equipment horizons.” Hurney concluded PAO-Professional Airgun Optics® are imported and exclusively distributed to the retail trade by the owner’s of the brand, The Shooting Party.