Night Vision and Thermal imaging technology at the British Shooting Show 2020. “Hello darkness my old friend”

Night vision technology is being adopted by many shooters in the UK and these devices allow the user to cross over from daylight into low light conditions and then into complete darkness. The continued research, development and innovation in this industry is seeing new products enter the market on a regular basis with cutting edge digital sensors, infrared illuminators and state of the art image intensifier tubes.

Daylight is harmful to image intensifier tubes and night vision devices that use these can only be used during the hours of darkness, but there has recently been a surge in digital night vision technology and the combination of an infrared illuminator and a CCD sensor means high quality images can be achieved in daylight as well as night time. The use of night vision is not just for those performing wildlife management roles, but also wildlife observation and security.

Thermal Imagers, on the other hand, can see clearly day or night because they create a visible image from heat and not light, but, let’s not get into how things work within the electromagnetic spectrum, let’s just tell you that the British Shooting Show 2020 will see the largest number of specialist night vision and thermal imaging manufacturers, distributors and retailers all coming together for one massive event held anywhere in the UK.

Pulsar are world famous for producing a professional line of night vision and thermal devices. Experience users in the field of stalking and wildlife observation will definitely benefit from the advanced functionality of Pulsar’s range of spotters scopes and forward mounted add-ons. Thomas Jacks will have the full range of Pulsar products on display such as the Digisight Ultra 450 digital night vision riflescope, the Helion and Axion thermal imagers, the Accolade thermal binoculars, the Thermion riflescope the range of XP and XQ thermal riflescopes. This year will see Pulsar launch the brand new Trail 2 riflescope which will have several new colour pallets such as rainbow, sepia and magenta. Pulsar product launches are always exciting and attract a lot of attention, so be sure not to miss out.

pulsar night vision

Yukon Advanced Optics are the largest global manufacturer and developer of consumer night vision products. Yukon offer an extensive and diverse range of day and night optics for shooting sports as well as the outdoor and hobby market. Show visitors will be able to get hands on with the Yukon Photon, one of bestselling NV scopes here in the UK due to it being extremely uncomplicated to use and its very affordable price. Another excellent line from Yukon is the Sightline. The N450 and N470 are the latest digital night vision rifle scopes recently launched and these will also be available for viewing and purchase at the show. The Thomas Jacks team will be on hand to assist you with any questions you have about the Yukon night vision range.

Yukon night vision

Cobra Optics have a range of image intensifier based night vision devices ranging from monoculars, binoculars, binoculars, head mounted goggles and scopes with specifications available from the entry-level consumer right through to professional night vision equipment. The full range of Cobra Optics should have a model that suits virtually any need and, again, the staff at Thomas Jacks will be on hand if you are looking to step into the darkness with a Cobra Optics product.

cobra night vision

NiteSite design and manufacturer patented night vision products for low light and night time shooting requirements. NiteSite utilise infrared in a unique way to make their product extremely affordable, reliable and user-friendly. The beauty with NiteSite is that it turns your day optic into a powerful night vision system that literally takes seconds to set up. With their scope-mounted products offering short, mid and long-range target acquisition The Viper, Wolf and Eagle have all the bases covered. They also have a laser rangefinder that’s compatible with their rifle mounted products and the Sentinel range of hand held units. For more information and assistance come and speak to the NiteSite team on their stand.

nitesite night vision

Night Pearl came into existence in 2009 and dedicated themselves to creating military quality thermal for the everyday user and to bring it to the market at a competitive price. Night Pearl has gained popularity across Europe due to their products being rugged, field friendly and high quality. Last year, 2019 saw a breakthrough for Night Pearl as they turned their focus towards the UK market with exclusive distribution by NiteSite. Night Pearl produce a range of monoculars, forward mounted day optic add-ons and riflescopes. The Night Pearl team will be on hand to give you more details about these relatively new products to the UK and there NiteSite will also be able to assist you at the show.

night pearl night vision

NVUK will custom build a unit to your specification and it’s designed to suit your particular needs. Various updates and add-on are available, such as recording ability and improved camera boards for those who want to shoot at longer ranges. Very affordable, the quality and price of the NVUK kit make it excellent value for money. There are two styles of the NVUK kit. The ProBox or TubeCam and both styles use the same basic components and thus, perform in the same way. The basic kit is supplied with their IT torch, which give a shootable range of around 150 metres. Visit the NVUK Stand at the British Shooting Show to have a close look at this particular NV unit.

nv uk night vision

Sightmark have stepped into the world of night vision to bring us the Sightmark Wraith digital day and night vision riflescope. The Wraith saw its UK launch at the British Shooting Show 2019. This unit will provide the user the opportunity and reliability to continue their activities well past the setting of the sun and with the supplied infrared illuminator you will be able to acquire target out to about 200 metres. If you want to see the future of digital day and night vision the take a look through the Sightmark Wraith on the Scott Country International stand. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff have all the answers to your questions.

sightmark night vision

Liemke will be exhibiting at the British Shooting Show for the very first time. In fact, this will be the very first time that the brand has exhibited their product here in the UK. As a specialist supplier of thermal imaging, Liemke offer an extensive range of high quality monoculars, binoculars and rifle scopes. Having Liemke attending the British Shooting Show is not only exciting for us, but will be very exciting and interesting to the visitors who are looking to see a new manufacturer here in the UK within the world of thermal imaging.

liemke night vision

FLIR Systems offer products and applications with the world of government & defense, industrial and also commercial markets. FLIR product assist first responders and military personnel protect and save lives. Have you ever watched thermal footage from an Apache helicopter on YouTube? That’s FLIR! FLIR Systems specialise in military and law enforcement products but we are lucky enough to have products like the FLIR Breach hand-held or helmet mounted thermal imager and the incredible FLIR BNVD-40 or BNVD-51 night vision goggles available on the commercial market. These state of the art dual channel night vision goggles (NODS) offer exceptional clarity in minimal lighting conditions. They truly have to be seen to be believed and you will be able to see them at the British Shooting Show 2020 on the Scott Country International Stand.

flir night vision

ATN is a leading manufacturer and developer of precision night vision optics and thermal imaging devices. For more than 20 years ATN have developed a large selection of low light optical devices that cater for all from Military operators to the night time pest controller. In 2018/2019 the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro was a best seller. The ATN THOR series include the LT and the HD are both advance thermal rifle scopes. The range of ATN thermal and night vision optics can be seen on the Highland Outdoors stand at the British Shooting Show. For all the information about ATN speak to their team who will be happy to help.

atn night vision

Xinfrared another company that will be not only exhibiting at the British Shooting Show for the first time, but also exhibiting in the UK for the first time. Xinfrared is focused on infrared thermal imaging consumer products, providing users with excellent performance from innovative products. Visitors at the British Shooting Show will be able to get hands on with the InfiRay SAIM Series. The Infiray SAIM series thermal imaging scope is designed to be portable and easy to use.

SAIM thermal scope

Its ergonomic design and excellent image quality make the SAIM series a fantastic companion for night observation, even in poor weather conditions. Also on show will the SCL25 and SCL35 thermal riflescope. These products are brought to the UK by Optical Solutions and visitors will be able to speak to the Optical Solutions team as well as the manufacturers themselves who are flying in from China to attend the show.