The NeXxt Generation Glove – KinetiXx

The new series of gloves from Kinetixx are now available from Thomas Jacks.

Kinetixx X-pro gloves

KINETIXX police and military gloves are equipped with special leather and other innovative fabrics offering cut resistance, frame retardants, functionality, comfort, moisture protection and breathability. Right from the start, it is KINETIXX goal to develop gloves that you can rely on – even in the toughest operations.

NEW – KinetiXx X-Pro

Kinetixx X-Pro gloves

Product Description

Tactical Operations Glove

  • Glove for tactical operations with a high degree of wearing comfort
  • Ergonomically perfect fit for the hand
  • Good grip thanks to synthetic leather on the palm
  • Digital leather reinforcements in the palm
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Anatomically pre-formed soft protector on the back of the hand
  • Eyelets to fasten onto carabiner
  • Perfect fit thanks to Velcro fastener
  • Low noise hook & loop fastener

Perfect for all tactical operation teams, special commandos and special units in combat operations.

  1. Touchscreen compatible
  2. Impact protection
  3. Economical shape
  4. S.W.A.T SEK
  5. Military Special Forces
  6. Military operations in urban areas and terrain
  7. General police duties, arrests/transport of detainees
  8. Available in three colours

Visit the Thomas Jacks website for the full range of gloves from Kinetixx.

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