NEW! Yukon Photon RT 6×50 NV Riflescope

New Yukon Photon RT 6×50 Night Vision Riflescope set to take the market by storm!

The Yukon Photon brand needs no introduction, first introduced as the 5×42, and then later the XT 4.6×42 and 6.5×50, quickly becoming THE best selling night vision riflescope on the planet, currently in use across all platforms from air rifle to rimfire and centrefire.

Yukon RT 6x50 NV Riflescope

Retailing for £419.99 the Photon XT 6.5×50 was everything the market needed. Fitting onto 30 mm standard scope rings, the Photon could be quickly adapted for any situation, and with a reliable 120 m useable range, the Photon XT provided remarkable performance for the money, given at the time, a 70 m Gen 1 NV Riflescope was often over £800.

This year sees the launch of the brand new Yukon Photon RT 6×50 with new advances in technology and features and functions the market was crying out for with the previous Photon XT.

The New Kid on the Block

Set to arrive in August 2017, the new Photon RT is available in two models 4.5×42 and 6×50, with the latter set to be the most popular with vermin hunters. Complete with a decent high power IR, integrated video recording and enhanced performance, all ready to go on standard 30mm rings, the Photon RT is everything the night hunter has been looking for.

Enabled for 24/7 use, providing a reliable short to mid range hunting solution with daylight capability and high nighttime sensitivity for use in low light through to complete darkness with the integrated IR illuminator. Photon RT can also be used in daylight!

With a brand new 768×576 sensor, the new Photon RT boasts significant improvement in image resolution over the previous model (XT: 656×492), and with a new VARIABLE magnification you can choose between 6x or 12x magnification at the touch of a button, providing enhanced detection ranges and better identification at distance.

A remarkable recognition range of up to 280 m provides more than enough useable range for even the most avid bunny basher on .17HMR.

Twin this with the latest advances in technology including one shot zero, user selectable reticles and the fantastic Stream Vision with integrated video recording (8gb internal memory) and wifi to share the scope display to a iPad or Smartphone.

Gone are the fiddly two AA batteries in the roof of the XT – now we have a modern battery carrier system, with capability to use the rechargeable DNV battery packs for super extended run times in the field.

All this at a remarkable £599.95 sees the new Photon RT 6.5×50 set to take the hunting market by storm.

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