NEW – Weihrauch HW110K

Weihrauch have launched the the carbine version of the HW110ST. This is the NEW Weihrauch HW110K.

The cycle of new products from the airgun manufacturers is every couple of years and what we get is either a brand new model or a variant of something that is already available. Back in 2016 Weihrauch released the HW110. Two years on their new addition to the airgun world is the HW110K, the “K” standing for Karbine.

Weihrauch HW110k karbine

Hull Cartridge very kindly said that they would send me the new HW110K for test and review. Back in 2016 they sent me the HW110ST to test and I was very impressed. In fact, I was so impressed that I bought it. Now, it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Weihrauch airguns. I was first introduced to the HW35 back in 1978 and that very same gun is still going strong.

Let’s start with the most obvious feature with the carbine version, its overall dimensions. The HW110K measures in at a full length of only 34.5 inches compared to the ST at 38.5 inches. This reduced size also has an impact on its weight which is a fraction over 6.5 lbs, which is very light, indeed. Remember that this is not a rifle with a synthetic stock, but a wooden stock with a very tactile soft touch rubber coating.

These reduced dimensions also mean that the cylinder is smaller and a smaller cylinder means less air capacity, however, there is still 70 shots to be had in .22 and 50 shots in .177. Doesn’t sound many when we’re so used to reading about rifles with much higher shot counts, but when you think about how many shots you might take when out hunting rabbits or squirrels 70 shots or 50 shots, respectively from a full 200 bar fill goes a very long way.

Weihrauch HW110K karbine

Hull Cartridge are always very receptive to customer feedback and as a direct result of this there are two alterations that I really like. The magazine release catch and the safety catch are now black to match the action rather than the silver colour that I have on my 110ST. Weihrauch have also included a small picatinny rail on the underside of the fore-end for a bipod. Without a doubt, this is something that I’m going to fit to my ST. Having this picatinny rail is a massive plus point over the ST.

If you’re already familiar with the HW110 then everything you would expect is still there. The action is tough ballistic polymer. It has the standard 10 pellet rotary magazine and the safety catch can only be activated when the rile is in a loaded condition, meaning that if you’re out, or on the range and you look down at your rifle and you suddenly think to yourself, “I can’t remember if I cocked that or not” – I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s done this in the past – simply try and apply the safety. If you can click the safety on and off the rifle is loaded. If you can’t, it’s not.

Weihrauch are world renowned for their excellent triggers and the trigger in the 110 is nothing less than what you would expect. The two stage trigger has a crisp break.

How does it shoot? There is an integral picatinny rail built into the polymer action and I mounted my Hawke Vantage 3-9×50 on top. With my target sat out at 35 yards it took less than ten shots to bring it into pellet on pellet groups. Weihrauch manufacture their own barrels and silencers. At the moment I also have Weihrauch’s HW44 pistol on test which doesn’t have a silencer on it. When I fire this pistol alongside my 110ST or alongside the Karbine the efficiency of the silencer can really be appreciated. The HW44 sounds positively loud in comparison.

Consistently punching pellet on pellet holes in paper is very satisfying and proves the impeccable accuracy of the 110K, but what’s it like out in the field?

Weihrauch HW110K

I don’t consider my HW110ST to be a long gun by any stretch of the imagination, especially when I stand it up against my HW97K which comes in at a fraction under 43.5 inches and being so used to both these rifles it is so noticeable just how short and light the Karbine is.

QWeihrauch HW110K karbine

Even with a bipod mounted on the front and a big optic on the top the HW110K is a joy to walk around my permission with. Even after holding it for an extended period I was still able to take a free standing un-rested shot at a pigeon sat high in a tree, killing it instantly with a well placed head shot.

The compactness of the 110K makes it a perfect tool for pest control around the barns and buildings of a farm yard and I found it very well suited for shooting around our sable yard. It’s compact size also makes it an ideal gun for shooting from a hide or from inside a vehicle.

Weihrauch HW110K Karbine

So, what is it that Weihrauch are bringing to the party with a HW110K? What they have produced is a compact, full power hunting rifle that’s light weight, well balanced, very accurate and very quiet; yes, they’ve gone and done it again; another fantastic addition to the Weihrauch family that is going to do very well indeed.

To find your local Weihrauch retailer go to the dealer page on the Hull Cartridge website.

Weihrauch are a confirmed exhibitor at the British Shooting Show 2019. To see the full range of Weihrauch airguns on the Weihrauch booth book your tickets now.