NEW Umarex RP5 Available Now!

After generating plenty of interest and excitement at the early shows of 2018, the revolutionary new Umarex RP5 pistol has now landed in the UK!

Umarex RP5

The pistol has been specially adapted to suit the UK market and comply with UK airgun laws, without losing any of its accuracy or fun factor! The RP5 pistol is a big step for Umarex too, designed from scratch to suit the needs of a high powered pistol and a vermin control carbine.

Umarex RP5

The RP5 is a step into the future of Co2 powered airguns, and works to solve some of the issues when shooting these. Key features include:

  • Pump action, which removes each pellet from the 5-shot magazine and seats it perfectly aligned into the barrel. It can also be shot in shingle shot with the magazine removed. It is also enormous fun!
  • Choked barrel, unique to the UK model. The barrel is smoothbore, and Umarex have worked extensively with the TG (Target Grouping) choking to give the accuracy of a rifled barrel.
  • Unique Co2 valve system. 2x 12g cartridges are pierced together when loading, with the entire cylinder chamber then filled with Co2. This means that shot-to-shot consistency is at the highest possible level to parallel a traditional spring and piston or PCP pistol.
  • High-power. Thanks to the unique Co2 valve system on the RP5, a higher power level can be achieved. 12g Co2 will usually provide around 2ft lb of energy, but the RP5 pistol provides you with the highest powered pistol which can be purchased without a license.
  • The RP5 is modular with many additional accessories available. These include rifle stock, accessory mount and silencer.

Once in your hands, the Umarex RP5 pistol is difficult to put down! RRP £259.95.

Umarex products are distributed in the UK by John Rothery (Wholesale) Co. Ltd.

Umarex RP5

Umarex will be exhibiting their range of airguns at the British Shooting Show 2019. To book your tickets click here.