NEW! Umarex GLOCK 19X

The latest addition to the fully licensed GLOCK range of Co2 air pistols has now arrived in the UK!

Glock 19x Umarex pistol

The GLOCK 19X is GLOCK’s first crossover pistol. It features the compact slide of the GLOCK 19 on the full-size frame of the GLOCK 17, and is finished in “Coyote” or FDE colour. This fully licensed replica model by Umarex fires standard 4.5 mm steel BBs powered by 12g Co2.

There are two variants of the Umarex GLOCK 19X; the first highly-economical and accurate GLOCK 19X has a fixed slide and 18-round drop-out BB magazine, with Co2 cartridge housed inside the grip of the pistol. This model has an RRP of £109.95.

The second GLOCK 19X model features the realistic blowback action with drop-out all-in-one magazine, which houses both 18 rounds of steel BB and the 12g Co2 cartridge. The RRP of the blowback model is £159.95.

Umarex products are distributed in the UK by John Rothery (Wholesale) Co. Ltd. Visit John Rothery for further details and to find your nearest retailer.