The brand new PCP air rifle from Stoeger, the XM1, will be arriving in the UK April 2020.

Stoeger have produced their very first PCP air rifle, the XM1, which saw its launch at the British Shooting Show 2020.

stoeger xm1

The new XM1 has a cutting-edge, distinct and streamlined design with multiple souls: sporty, elegant and innovative. The new XM1 muscular surfaces make the rifle appear strong and self-secure. All surfaces are designed with a clear attention to ergonomic and anatomic functionality.

The innovative Italian design by Stoeger AIRGUNS can immediately be recognised at first glance. The extreme proportions and the unique line of its profile make the new XM1 a real multi-use rifle.

stoeger xm1

With a SRP of just £395, the Stoeger XM1 will definitely be one to look at over the coming months. To find out where you nearest Stoeger AIRGUNS dealer is go to the GMK Find Dealer page here.