NEW! Rekon Tripod System

Rekon tripod system

The Wicked Lights Rekon Shooting Tripod system utilises the military designed Pig Saddle gun mount, providing an advanced shooting specific rifle rest platform tripod system which is not only extremely solid and stable, but amazingly lightweight and portable, deployable in seconds and fully adaptable to every situation, terrain or rifle system…and unlike adapted photo tripods, the Rekon is DESIGNED for shooting with reinforcements and design features such as proprietary designed reinforcements to critical leg attachment stress areas and leg latch mechanisms.

The Wicked Lights Rekon Shooting Tripod type of rifle shooting platform was designed for use by military snipers, but adopted by the shooting sports market for long range precision rifle shooting providing unrivalled situational motion from prone to standing, allowing your rifle to be free standing with 360 degree movement, and precision directional control…weighing only 2.3 kg inc tripod, ball head and Pig Saddle.

Rekon tripod system

Made from advanced material components, the Wicked Lights Rekon Pig Saddle gun tripod rest consists of four section precision carbon fibre tripod legs which can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees to 18 inches making it small enough to carry in a back pack or hand held.

Three leg angle positions provide flexibility and enable shooting in cramped quarters or on irregular surface areas, with Tripod feet equipped with removable rubbers stops that can be replaced to metal spikes which are included.

A precision ball head BH-1 attaches to the Carbon tripod CT-1 and comes complete with a Pig Saddle to allow effective control and mounting of virtually all sporting rifles and tactical platforms, with the ability to remove and release in seconds.

Lightweight but solid using the Pig Saddle

Quickly and effortlessly pan, tilt, cant and adjust your point of aim, on a completely solid, stable shooting platform providing accurate shot placement capabilities.

Rekon tripod system

The Pig Saddle system was developed for the military and is a rigid support rifle attachment method which is attached to the Wicked Rekon ball mount,  providing complete versatility, allowing you to quickly and easily attach and detach for every situation and provide 360 degree motion, with a lock facility and full friction control from free movement to lock in a matter of seconds. 

Strong, rigid and precise

The Wicked Rekon aluminium to magnesium transition assembly has been strengthened over current shooting tripod systems where traditionally there has been a weakness when using tripods for shooting.

With other brands, when extended with a heavy rifle attached, there typically was movement, but the Wicked Rekon remains solid and precise even at full extension of tripod height thanks to the reinforced magnesium and aluminium risers to mitigate recoil and provide the ability to use heavy calibre rifles.

Pan, Tilt, Cant, Fully controllable, adjustable through 360 degrees, from prone to standing

Four section carbon tripod legs allow for complete flexibility when shooting whether you are 5 ft or 7 ft and on uneven and rugged terrain.

Rekon tripod system

The central shaft system can be adjusted further in height, but if under 6.5 ft in height it can be removed and the ball head mount fixed directly to the tripod, minimizing even more movement with a more than adequate height adjustment range.

Using the Pig Saddle system, the amount of friction of the ball head can be adjusted to allow you to move the rifle to your designed amount of restriction to allow pan, raise and lower, with a lock in position to retain your rifle in a fixed position.

  • Includes BH1 Ball Head and Pig Saddle
  • CT-1 Carbon 8x Professional tripod
  • 360 degree fluid motion control
  • Pan, tilt and cant rifle adjustment
  • Fluid, precision situational control
  • Use standing, seated or prone

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