NEW! Unique Alpine TPG-3 A4 

Bench Grade Brands will be bringing something completely new to the British Shooting show 2020. Not only is it new to the BSS, but completely new to the UK.

Unique Alpine TPG-3 A4

Designed for the highest success

Unique Alpine has been known as one of the leading specialists in military and police precision rifles for decades. Based on the expertise and the aspiration to develop high quality products, Unique Alpine transferred their knowledge to the areas of hunting and sport.

TPG-3 A4 – The Tactical Powerhouse

Unique Alpine TPG-3 A4

Unique Alpine’s multi-calibre flagship product. Designed and built for professional users and to comply with the NATO AC/225 D14 specification. The TPG-3 leaves nothing to be desired in range, precision, modularity, robustness and workmanship.

TPG-3 A4 Features

  • Buttstock – The buttstock is collapsible to the right without changing the overall width of the gun. Simultaneously, the bolt handle is secured. Overall length, cheek piece, and butt plate height angle and height are fully adjustable. A picatinny-interface allows for the use of a monopod or spacer plate from the Unique Alpine range of accessories.
  • Barrel Change – The barrels can be changed in less than one minute without any special tools or other devices and fixed repeatedly in the system by means of four loss-protected integrated clamping screws.
  • Rails – Freely positionable picatinny mounting rails (MilSpec 1913 rail) are available in five different lengths and can be mounted and form-fitted to eight different angles around the hand guard.
  • Match Grade Trigger – The match grade trigger can be precisely adjusted to your wishes. It has an outstanding, crisp characteristic for optimal trigger control.
  • Magazine – The magazines are made out of fibre-glass-reinforced, high-performance plastic. They are available in all three calibres and come in a short and long version. The high-strength plastic is far more superior to metal and a material for magazines since it does not bend or deform under stress like a traditional steel magazine; therefore, feeder faults belong in the past.
  • Safety Concept – (a) Firing pin safety. (b) Safety catch in case of an internal safety failure. (c) Grip safety (optional).

Unique Alpine TPG-3 A4

TPG-3 A4 Accessories

  • TPG-3 calibre conversion kit
  • TPG-3 barrel
  • X-Connect rails
  • TPG-3 magazines
  • Buttstock Grip Extension
  • X2 Tactical suppressor

Technical Specifications

  1. Magazine – Polymer double stack .338 Lap. Mag/300 Norma Mag: 8/5 rounds .300 Win. Mag: 10/6 rounds .308 Win/6.5 Creedmoor: 10/5 rounds
  2. Barrel – Heavy match barrel equipped with muzzle break featuring the X2 suppressor interface.
  3. Calibre – .338 Lapua Mag., .300 Win Mag., 308 Win
  4. Trigger – Double stage, adjustable, 1.5 – 2.5 kg
  5. Barrel Length – .338 Lapua Mag: 26″ (660 mm), .300 NM: 26″ (660 mm), .300 Win Mag: 26″ (660 mm), .308 Win.: 16.5″ (419 mm), 24″ (609 mm), 26″ (660 mm), 6.5 Creedmoor: 26″ (660 mm).
  6. Scope Interface – 20 MOA, STANAG 4694 (Picatinny, compatible with Mil. Spec. 1913)
  7. Overall Length – 91 cm – 125 cm
  8. Weight – Approx. 6.2 kg depending on barrel length.

Sporting success is always a matter of passion and at Unique Alpine, passion meets perfection.

If you want to be one of the first people in the UK to see this new platform then visit the Bench Grade Brands exhibition booth at the British shooting Show 2020. To book your advanced tickets click here.