Bergara Rifles introduce their NEW B-14R LR Rifle to the UK at the British Shooting Show 2020.

bergara b-14r

The British Shooting Show 2020 again saw an abundance of brand new products received their world launch, or their UK/European launch and one of the stand out launches at the show was the new Bergara B-14R .22LR Rifle.

The Bergara B-14 Series is extremely popular with shooters here in the UK and is available in .308 WIN and 6.5 Creedmoor. The new .22LR model gives the option of a full size receiver trainer or as an outright precision .22LR platform for the ever increasingly popular small bore competitions.

bergara b-14r

What Bergara have done here is build a rifle that will cater for those who take part in long range rimfire shooting and as a rifle that could be a stepping stone into full bore long range shooting. If you already shoot a B-14 Series rifle, the fit and feel of the B-14R will be extremely familiar because it is built to the dimensions of a Remington 700 short action platform including a 90° lift and longer bolt throw. This also means is that you can take the B-14R action and drop it into any stock or chassis that is built to take a Remington 700 short action. It has the same mounting basis with 6-48 screw holes, (Remington compatible), so you can fit your 20 moa Britania rail, for example, exactly as you would on the centrefire and is also compatible with Remington 700 triggers.

The magazine is single sack and has a capacity of 10 rounds. The magazine is also full size, built to the same dimensions as the short action AICS mag and adapted to take .22LR rather than being a scaled down version.

bergara b-14r

Again, just like its centrefire big brother the B-14R has the full length integrated mini-chassis inside the Bergara HMR moulded stock. It has the adjustable cheek piece and integrated flush cup QD sling mounts as well as swivel mounts.

With long range precision shooting competitions becoming increasingly popular the Bergara B-14R give you the opportunity train and practice without the expense of sending expensive ammunition down range, but retaining the exact feel and set up as you centrefire rifle. It also means that you can practice and train where it’s not possible to get out to really long ranges.

Bergara B-14R Specifications
  • Calibre: 22LR
  • Action: B-14R
  • Barrel: 4140 Bergara Barrel
  • Twist: 1:16
  • Barrel Length: 18″
  • Threaded muzzle ½-28
  • Weight: 9.25 lbs
  • Length: 38″ with spacers
  • HMR stock
  • Capacity: 10 round magazine
  • Scope mounts: 6-48 screws, Rem 700 compatible

The Bergara B-14R is a very exciting rifle and already in demand here in the UK and orders are already flying into RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd.