PAO® SmartScope Adapter Mount

PAO® pictures your quarray! The Shooting Party announced today the addition of the PAO® SmartScope™ Universal Smartphone Adaper Mount to the PAO®-Professional Airgun Optics® portfolio.

smartscope mount

The cameras now incorporated in most peoples smart phones are of a quality, and offer a level of functionality, that could only be dreamed of in professional DSLR Cameras even a few years ago. Our new PAO® smartScope™ allows Shooters to digitally capture through-the-lens video and still-photo footage of targets, landscape and quarry on their smartphones* for playback and uploading to social media. The Universal smartphone mount/holder/adapter is suitable for riflescopes, telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, night vision units, microscopes and many other optical devices.

Smartscope mount

The ‘Universal’ design accommodates most smartphones-including iPhone 6, 7.8 and “X” and Android based phones such as the Samsung Note (dimensions between 54 mm and 90 mm) and fits optical devices with an eyepiece diameter between 28 mm and 47 mm. Easy to fit – no tools required. Will not damage your phone or optical device – The PAO® smartScope™ incorporates protective rubber anchor points throughout. This unique, inexpensive, device is small, lightweight and sturdy, courtesy of extremely durable construction. Capture those ‘never-to-be-repeated’ shooting moments forever.” said Mike Hurney, Chairman TSP.

Availability: Immediate

RRP: £14.99