NEW: Leica Geovid 3200.COM Laser rangefinding that takes you further

For the 2020 ShotShow, Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar, Germany) presents a completely redesigned Leica Geovid full of innovations: the Leica Geovid 3200.COM. For the first time, the new Geovid models enable rangefinding up to 3,200 yards (2,900 meters) and, in combination with the specially designed Leica Hunting App, convenient input of individual ballistic settings – via smartphone.

Leica Sport Optics has thus extended its successful Geovid models with essential technical and user-friendly functions, setting the new benchmark. With the first Leica Geovid binoculars almost 30 years ago, Leica ushered in a new era of ethical hunting. Since then, Leica Geovid binoculars have been the reference in laser rangefinding – and reliable, indispensable companions for many hunters.

For the first time, the new Leica Geovid 3200.COM features an integrated Bluetooth module which, in combination with the Leica Hunting App for iOS and Android, offers unlimited freedom and precision in rangefinding. Via the free app, individual ballistics settings can be configured conveniently on the smartphone, and users can select the appropriate calibration for their rifle.

Leica’s own ballistics program ABC calculates the individual ballistic output values based on caliber, bullet type, trajectory and weight. Using the data transmitted via Bluetooth to the Leica Geovid 3200.COM, the exact ballistic distance and the breakpoint correction are calculated. In calculating the range, the Geovid adjusts for temperature, air pressure, and the angle of the terrain. Within fractions of a second, either the linear, equivalent horizontal range (EHR), the holdover, or the number of clicks are calculated and displayed on the riflescope.

Wind direction and speed can also be taken into account in the calculation. The “Kestrel Elite” weather meter is connected directly to the rangefinder via Bluetooth and the corresponding correction values are sent to the Leica Geovid. This combination guarantees absolutely precise measurement results, thanks to the “Applied Ballistics” software integrated in the Kestrel.

“The new Geovid 3200.COM delivers precise and repeatable measurements – whether over long distances, in the mountains, or in any weather – and the Leica Hunting App offers unique ease of use in every situation. All data is transferred at the touch of a button. These new features, coupled with Leica’s unrivaled optical quality, give hunters and shooters a new level of information and hunting safety in every situation,” says Julian Burczyk, Product Management Rangefinding.

The Geovid 3200.COM offers an illuminated LED display which depicts the measured data very clearly and legibly under all light and weather conditions. Also of note: The extremely fast scan mode, which records the surroundings and targets every 0.3 seconds and displays the desired measurement results precisely. Up to a measuring distance of 200 yards (182 meters), the Geovid 3200.COM displays the measured values in decimal steps, which provides much more precise information, especially for bow hunters. In all three models, the equivalent horizontal range (EHR) is calculated up to a distance of 1,200 yards (1,100 meters).

The new Leica Geovid top models offer exceptional brightness and superior light transmission of over 90 percent. The patented Perger-Porro prisms, in combination with the HD optics design and the optimized Leica aperture system, guarantee excellent stray-light suppression and maximum contrast in all hunting situations.

And the Geovid models remain very compact; they are hardly larger than comparable conventional binoculars without laser rangefinding. The magnesium die-cast housing is extremely lightweight and equipped with shock-absorbing rubber armoring which protects the binoculars from damage. The non-slip armoring, balanced weight and ergonomic shape ensure a secure grip and fatigue-free viewing, even over a long period of time.
The Leica AquaDura® coating technology on the outer glass surfaces allows dirt or liquid to simply roll off, thus supporting better visibility, especially in rain. So the binoculars can be put to optimum use

anytime, even in unfavorable weather conditions and in high humidity. In addition, the lenses can be cleaned even more easily and quickly thanks to the special coating.

The benefits at a glance:

• Precise, repeatable rangefinding up to 3,200 yards (2,900 m)
• Superior optics with particularly high light transmission
• Very user-friendly, thanks to the Leica Hunting App
• Import ballistic curves directly from the app
• Connects to the Kestrel Elite and the Apple Watch
• Waterproof, rugged and ergonomic design

The new Leica Geovid 3200.COM in three magnifications will be available from January 2020 for the following (recommended retail) prices:

Leica Geovid 8×42 3200.COM – € 2,950,00
Leica Geovid 10×42 3200.COM – € 3,000,00
Leica Geovid 8×56 3200.COM – € 3,300,00