NEW! Hunting Ballistic Reticle From Kite

Kite Optics presents a new reticle that will allow you to make a rapid assessment and an intuitive shot.

Unless you have a rangefinder, you may find it difficult to judge how far your target is from you. However, this is a fundamental element when shooting. Kite Optics presents the new reticle that will allow you to make a rapid assessment and an intuitive shot.

kite optics

Accurate Shooting

This will give you greater accuracy without losing any of the hunting spirit, which is sometimes marred by new technologies.

The optical and mechanical construction of the new scope is identical to the KSP HD2, 15-15×56 model. In other words, this scope has all the major features that contribute to the success of Kite Optics: 100% aviation quality aluminium, 0% glue, unbeatable value for money and a lifetime guarantee.

The new reticle, optimised for small animals such as roe deer, mouflons, izards or chamois, allows you to estimate the distance thanks to the length of the horizontal lines. You can then adjust your shot. Thus there are only two steps required to ensure accurate shooting!


First of all, set the magnification to 2.5. Place your reticle so that one of the five lines completely covers the animal, from the neck to the rump. If half of the first line is the full length of the animal, you are 100 m away. If the second line covers all the animal you are 200 m. The third line indicates the distance at 300 m an so on up to 500 m.

kite optics


Once you have assessed the distance, switch to maximum magnification. At 100 m, no correction is needed. At 200 m, move your reticle upwards to use the crossing of the second line. At 300 m, use the crossing of the third line, at 400 m, the crossing of the 4th, etc.

kite optics

Reticle Optimisation

Optimised for several different animals and compatible with various kinds of ammunition.

The HBR reticule has been designed for small animals of about 120 cm length. However, it will also be useful for larger animals such as stags! To estimate the distance when you have a large animal of the deer family in your crosshairs, all you need to do is to add 50% to the estimated distance. Thus, if the second line covers the whole stag, you are 300 m away from it, not 200 m.

The reticle is optimised for most current used ammunition, including bot not limited to the following.

  • 223 Win 55g
  • 243 Win 100g
  • 6mm Rem 100g
  • 243 WSSM 100g
  • 25-06 Rem 100g
  • 270 Win 130g
  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • 30-06 Spr 150g
  • 30-06 Spr 168g
  • 300 WSM 180g
  • 300 WM 180g
  • 308 Win 150g
  • 338 Lapua Magnum 250g
  • 338 WM 200g