The Eagerly Anticipated NEW Hill’s Electric EC3000 Airgun and Paintball Compressor Has Arrived!

Some things really are worth waiting for!

Hill’s have taken their time to make sure they get things right the first time with their new EC3000 Airgun Compressor. Completely designed and built by Hill Pumps in Sheffield, England, the unit is CE Certified and Patented. The EC3000 Compressor is not just incredibly easy to use, it’s also the quietest, operating at just 75dB.

Switching on the unit illuminates the digital display. Using the easy-to-use selector dial, simply select your required fill pressure in BAR or PSI, connect the included hose to your airgun, and press go! The EC3000 Compressor fully automates itself and will shut-off once your desired pressure has been reached.

hill compressor

If the unit is being used for an extended period of time, it will detect it’s own temperature and pause the filling process if it becomes too hot. Once the temperature has lowered, it will automatically continue to fill from where it left off. It really does manage itself!

The Hill’s EC3000 is also very fast. It will top up a standard air rifle cylinder from 100 to 250 BAR in around 90 seconds, with a complete refill from 0 BAR taking approximately 3 minutes.

Contact your local retailer for further details on the Hill’s EC3000 Airgun Compressor, or visit distributor John Rothery Wholesale’s where you can use their online dealer locator.